Undercover Flirt Love Story Denisa and Daniel

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June 15, 2022
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June 22, 2022

“Undercover Flirt Love Story Denisa and Daniel: A fake date turns real” by Ulises Maramo

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A fake undercover flirt turns into a love story that is touching and exciting.
Single Daniel is on a business trip in Bucharest, Romania. In the evening he visits a pub where some female singles are guests. Daniel strikes up a conversation with a pretty Romanian woman, Denisa. It seems as if they quickly fall in love while flirting.
But what Daniel doesn’t know is that many Romanian girls in Bucharest work as “undercover flirting partners”. They are working for pubs and clubs as ‘false clients’ (Romanian: cliente false). They secretly motivate male guests to order more drinks. Denisa is one of those undercover working hostesses.
The undercover flirt turns into a love story with heartbreak and drama.
The content of the booklet offers much more than just a romantic love story:

Owners of gastronomic establishments will benefit from the description of a business model for pubs and night clubs: how girls and women can be employed as fake female guests to generate increases in beverage sales.

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