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March 12, 2020
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March 16, 2020

“Triumph Over Fear: A Psychological and Spiritual Journey” by Elaine M. Edwards

Triumph Over Fear: A Psychological and Spiritual Journey, is a book that offers hope and insight for anyone held back by difficult emotions that prevent them from living up to their potential and experiencing joy. Part memoir, part psychology lesson, and part metaphysical wisdom, it is an eclectic, inspiring personal story of someone who went from agoraphobic, afraid to go out in public, to a real adventurer and world traveler. The author passes along the psychological and spiritual information and insight that she gained in her own process of growth and transformation, in a way that is both deeply personal as well as educational. The author draws from her personal experience as well as the many people she has known, worked with and helped over the years, including decades of working with students, colleagues, family, and friends, and most of all herself. She delves deeply into the sense of existential guilt that pervades the human condition, and offers guidance on how to overcome this. Her journey is unique, but much of what she has learned is universal. At its core, it is a story of hope. Because of its eclectic mix of the psychological and the spiritual, most anyone will find some nugget of gold or gem of truth that speaks to them. Some of the concepts might seem very familiar, and other ones might be completely new to readers. The author encourages those seeking freedom from fear to walk with her on her journey and let her share with you how she went from being very frightened and very limited in her life, to very confident and very brave.

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