August 23, 2020
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August 31, 2020

“Tour of the Fallen: The Birth of Power” by Marc Mompoint 

When Hell has a hiccup and Heaven rests with just one stipulation… what happens?
John Doe happens.
With powers beyond human understanding and a natural thirst for pain and destruction, but given a loving heart, he has to decide his future, which will ultimately affect the whole world and everyone in it.
The funny bone of it all is that for the first time ever in history, he was granted free will. The problem is…he doesn’t know it. In fact, he doesn’t know anything at all because he has amnesia.
Will this be the dawn of Armageddon or will love will conquer all?
The Watchers are watching.
Demons are excited.
Angels are on high alert.
Mankind has no clue of the cosmic shift that is about to take place based on the sole decisions of one man who is naturally evil.

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