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March 18, 2022
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April 24, 2022

“TIMSHALL: A Saw-Toothed Career” by Juliette Schlegl

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The title of this book, Timshall; written by the author; Juliette Schlegl, is derived from John Steinbeck’s definition of it “Timshel” in East of Eden. Steinbeck emphasizes this word as imperative, writing that each individual by taking stock of his or her past raises one question; was it good or was it bad? If she had chosen any other path in her pain-filled life, would she have demons running after her in the process of surviving and making a living? What is very plain to see despite the fact of the character’s inherited problems as a Cameroonian and later issues of assimilation in Europe, is that her life has been based upon a moral foundation, a remarkable, even stunningly strong one. Thus, the Steinbeck imperative works as a perfect influence, the philosophical vehicle running throughout this book.

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