De mujeres y algunos demonios
April 24, 2020
Walls that I can not break
April 26, 2020

They Think I Killed Her” by Bryanna Mone’t

Yvette Reynolds craved to become a mother after being raised by two loving parents. At the young age of twenty, she fell in love with and married,Blue, who was 28. As she struggles with fertility, she begins to see another side of Blue that she never expected. When she becomes pregnant, Yvette discovers that she and Blue are not on the same page regarding their future together.

For Yvette, when it rains, it pours. One tragedy that affects her family snowballs into a domino effect for another. In just a few months, Yvette’s life is full of mourning death, strains on her marriage, and post partum disorder.

When her daughter disappears, Yvette has no one in her corner for support or to defend her. Is it possible that her desperation for peace caused her to be negligent,or worse, commit murder?

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