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March 19, 2020
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March 21, 2020

The Thorn in Her Rose” by Latoria Nicole

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Cora Walker’s life is anything but a field of roses. When she gets an unexpected phone call from a local hospital, she finds her whole life suddenly uprooted. Those she expected to be there, priorities changed, and she quickly began to feel like a non-factor. Her accomplishments weren’t good enough and many times discounted. She learns to clap for herself as she weeds through her garden of troubles.

Feelings of abandonment hurt, and betrayal pushes her into the arms of a man that showed selflessness and accommodation. She decides to mix business with pleasure and hires the mysterious man named Eli. His confidence and ability to motivate others made Cora’s vase sparkle. That was until Mr. Right’s imperfections started to show.

What started as thrilling and exciting sent Cora to her lowest point. Love, hate, jealousy, and anger changed everything. Even the most beautiful rose has its thorns. With steadfast determination to succeed, A Thorn in Her Rose proves how sometimes, we can’t escape the consequences of our choices.

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