The Leftovers Club

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March 6, 2021
Children of the Night
March 14, 2021

“The Leftovers Club” by Ray Wennerstroem

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The Leftovers Club was founded in 1986 by eight kids who survived Tom Wickerman, the serial killer known as the Deighton Demon. The killer murdered six children before he died in a freak accident when his car swerved off the icy road and plunged into the freezing waters of Lake Serene. The small town of Deighton Pennsylvania could finally remove the shackles of tyranny imposed by the Demon’s reign of terror, and slowly returned to its quiet self.

But now, after 35 years, members of the Leftovers Club swear they have seen a man that looks just like the old serial killer that hunted them back in ’86. The man must be an imposter, a lookalike. Even the likes of Tom Wickerman can’t return from beyond the grave to finish what he started 35 years ago…

When the horrifying events of the past begin to repeat themselves, the Leftovers soon discover that their nightmares are about to become real and that true evil will not stay buried without a fight.

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