December 8, 2020
Another Fairy Bastard
December 15, 2020

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: A model, a hypothesis or yet a law?” by Tania Nesselholz

In 5 magic steps to more energy, health and prosperity

✯ Do you often catch yourself having negative thoughts?

✯ Have you ever noticed that on some days everything just goes wrong?

✯ Have you ever wondered why this happens to you?

✯ Do you sometimes also ask yourself why there are people who seem to have everything going great, who always have enough money and are never ill and again, somehow the worm is in others?

✯ Do you also have wishes that move away from you rather than seem to be attainable?

✯ Do you often feel tired and want more energy?

What if this isn’t all a coincidence?

What if you are really in control of your destiny and it is not even difficult to take it into your own hands?

This book will help you better understand and internalize the law of attraction. You will learn first-class techniques for putting the law into practice and opening the door to happiness and prosperity through conscious thinking.

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