The Lamb’s Testimony

Memoirs of an Asian wife
August 9, 2021
Destination 9/11
August 14, 2021

“The Lamb’s Testimony” by Tanner Gregory

Follow me in my journey as I discover who I am and why the government wanted me dead before I had a chance to figure it out. Even after I found out I was the messiah, it took me years to determine the significance of it.

The laws and commands of Moses utilize primitive states of animosity to bait our subconscious into accepting a better form of government. The government outlined by Christ was brought into power by harnessing the primitive exercise of sexual dominion. However, to end the laws and commands that one has been brought in to replace he must undergo a much more extreme version of it. Christ was brutally murdered. I was sold on the idea of true love by aliens and then tortured by them with images of infidelity.

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