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December 23, 2020
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January 3, 2021

“The Color of Crimson: Vampyros Nocturnals” by Christopher Blake Randolph 

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Samuel, a fourteenth-century lad, runs away from home and finds himself entrapped in the vampire world. Pursued by Zephinius, an elder of the night breed, Samuel undergoes a grueling journey with his nemesis in bloodthirsty pursuit. Witches, vampires, quilled bears, fanged beasts called Reddlins, and wolves test his mettle, but Samuel has on his side a host of angels who protect him while tracking the fallen angels led by Lucifer who are traveling in the company of the vampires. In this epic tale of good and evil, Samuel confronts what every wise man must face—the vampire within—and as he unlocks his own dormant powers, he reveals the secret of his mysterious birth. The Color of Crimson, unlike other novels of this genre, offers not only spine-tingling adventure, but also a deeper look at the line between human and vampire.

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