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May 8, 2020
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May 14, 2020

“The Ancient Tithe: The Power of Spiritual Giving” by Dane Marks

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Hello, it is with true love that this book is written, and I am grateful for all the writer’s hard work in putting this together. My name is Rev. Dane Marks and it is my life’s position from an intention I put forth long ago, to assist all people wanting to obtain the life they want with the wisdom and knowledge to achieve that aim. It is also my position, to assist spiritual organizations I believe in, achieve there aims to the best of their ability and helping others. Helping others in times of need is truly the heart of God and humanity. Inspiring and educating others on universal principles such as tithing or spiritual giving, love, forgiveness and affirmative living is the wisdom that allows people to truly access their infinite selves and connect with the mind of God both within and without. This book is the building block that is the foundation of living a truly blessed and miraculous life and I am blessed I can now offer it to you.It is with my love and the wisdom of God this book is in your hands; it is meant for you.Blessings and Love,Rev. Dane Marks

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