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May 14, 2020
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May 16, 2020

Successful Teaching for Everyone” by Will Fastiggi

Successful teaching changes lives. When students are taught successfully, they make more money, enjoy better health and live longer. For society, these benefits lead to lower health care costs, lower levels of criminality and increased economic growth. This is what makes teaching such a noble and rewarding, albeit challenging, profession.

In the time that it takes to develop the full range of qualities needed to teach successfully, many teachers quit. Workload, school culture and student behaviour are amongst the biggest challenges. Successful Teaching for Everyone shows you how these challenges can be overcome – by adopting field-tested attitudes, behaviours, and where relevant, suggestions for appropriate educational resources – all of which can be implemented autonomously by teachers irrespective of what schools or politicians prioritise.

The core ideas and principles in this book build on and draw from practical research and anecdotal case studies in fields such as assessment, behavioural psychology, cognitive science, economics, history, pedagogy, sociology as well as observations of outstanding teaching practice. Suitable for any educational setting, Successful Teaching for Everyone is a must-read for anyone – and everyone – who cares about education.

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