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October 31, 2019
Cold Call Like a Comedian
November 10, 2019

“Remember Joy (Healing Hearts Book 3)” by Ginny Sterling

Cora Dillion thrives on control. After being abandoned and homeless on the streets, it had taken everything in her to climb back to a life she recognized. A self-proclaimed workaholic, she remains focused to prevent anyone from disrupting the existence she’s built for herself. When she receives a flurry of emails from a soldier, she realizes that the man pouring out his soul could be dangerous to her structured world… and her heart.

Mike Cooper lived for the moment. Reckless and arrogant- that was the image he presented to his buddies in the barracks. Deep down inside, he needed a friend to keep him focused and was desperately afraid of the nightmarish world he existed in. Envious of the relationships around him, Mike puts his very heart on the line hoping that Cora will be the one to snatch it up.

Will Cora realize that Mike could be the very man she needs to come out of her shell? Can both of their hearts find strength in each other’s weaknesses? Will the spirit of the season remind them both how to remember joy?

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