April 20, 2020
De mujeres y algunos demonios
April 24, 2020

“Pull Back Your Power: The ground-breaking code to unlocking profound confidence and soaring success for aspirational women” by Anne Whitehouse PhD

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt invisible?

Have you ever found yourself expected to serve tea, in a room where you are actually ‘the expert’?

Did you believe that if you got an education and worked hard you could fulfil your potential, only to find yourself undermined by low confidence, anxiety, exhaustion, struggle, imposter syndrome and glass ceilings?

You are not alone. Many women have experienced this. And there was nothing they could do about it. Until now…

Through a ground-breaking revelation of what is really holding women back, Pull Back Your Power offers aspirational women a release from the restraints that block success, so they can banish self-doubt, defeat the unconscious bias, and shine effortlessly.

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