Paul’s Magnificent Obsession

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February 17, 2022
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“Paul’s Magnificent Obsession” by Stephen Ongo

A Look At A Christ Like Life (Paul’s Magnificent Obsession Book 1)

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Over 165 times in the New Testament the Apostle Paul refers to the terms ‘in Christ’ or ‘en Christos’ in the Greek, what did he know that we need to know about living ‘in Christ?

Paul uses many forms of the term ‘in Christ’ like ‘in the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘in Christ Jesus our Lord’ and such but these terms have been referred to by many theologians as ‘Paul’s Magnificent Obsession.’

After years of study, I can concur that I now know why it was ‘Paul’s Magnificent Obsession’ and it is worth the dive in and a life worth living on a supernatural level we should all wish to obtain. This is what these writings are all about. Living the life of what was referred to as ‘Paul’s Magnificent Obsession’ and finding it can be your obsession as well, as it has become mine.

In these short 7 Chapters, I explore what Paul describes under his favorite terms ‘in Christ’ your new nature and position you now hold. We look into your birthright and the great reserve that is now yours for the taking. Lastly; we look at your Crowns and your New Mandate ‘in Christ.’

So enjoy the journey with me as we enjoy ‘Paul’s Magnificent Obsession’ May you come out from this little book better for reading it and may you too have a new life passion some may even refer to as an obsession.

If you enjoy this book you may want to purchase the other two in this series that pertain to all your relationships with God, yourself, and others, your destiny all found under this wonderful umbrella of “Paul’s Magnificent Obsession.”

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