Nonverbal communication

Self Love
April 28, 2020
April 30, 2020

“Nonverbal communication – Easy steps to master body language for an all-round success” by Sajid Inayat

Being a better communicator is way beyond being vast with spoken words but attaining a high conscious level of one’s nonverbal signals and being able to meaningfully interpret other people’s facial expressions, gestures, paralinguistics, body movements, and personal space to uncover underlying emotions and feelings which usually convey the truest reality. This book will help you have a great mastery of nonverbal communication and educate you on:

  • what nonverbal communication is all about
  • why nonverbal communication is important
  • how to interpret body language
  • how to utilize and enhance your nonverbal communication skills to hire, gain employment, and have a successful interview
  • how to develop your emotional awareness

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