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August 6, 2021
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August 11, 2021

“Memoirs of an Asian wife: How an Oriental Bride handles her marriage life in Western society” by Ngoa Lan

Based on a true story about an Asian bride in Europe, “Memoirs of an Asian Wife” is an inspirational book for young women, detailing the accounts of a young Asian woman and her decision of marrying a German.

Described as exposed and honest, troubling yet sweet, the book follows Linh Anh and her struggles in Europe whilst dwelling on unfinished plans and ambitions in her homeland.
In addition, the memories and behaviors of Linh Anh’s mother – a Vietnamese woman, thoroughly exploited by the author – express the disingenuous happiness in marriage that a vast majority of Asian women try to cover up and endure.

Read this book, you will/may:

• Find yourself from the story
Because it is written in the form of a memoir, this book is totally easy to read. A love and marriage story is expressed with full emotions.

• Visualize, gain experiences, know what to do in such situations
Who should read this book?
+The women, who gonna marry to a foreigner or just in a relationship with a Western.
++The men, who wanna feel what women think about marriage and love.
+++The mothers / fathers , who wanna know how their daughters think and cover up her thoughts in desperation.

• be inspired to keep following your life dreams
To realize a goal, one must be willing to endure difficulties along the road. The main character in the story- Ms Linh Anh has to experience such mess in her life. It’s inevitable. The bigger your dream is, the more barriers you got on the way to success.

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