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August 24, 2021
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“Leaving the Golden Cage: A hands-on guide to starting and building your life science consulting practice” by Norbert Farkas

This short book is for readers who work in major, international life science companies and entertain the thought of starting their own venture, a consulting practice.

Have you ever felt that you have stopped growing, you do not really enjoy your work anymore or you have lost interest in what you do? Are you constantly worried that your position will be eliminated in an upcoming reorganization? Do you envy your friends when they talk about new careers and wish you also had the courage to change? Still, you prefer the nice paycheck every month, the competitive fringe benefits, a year-end bonus, and the flexible working conditions. You work with many bright colleagues who appreciate your talent and you don’t need to constantly prove yourself.

It sounds like you are stuck in the “golden cage.” You have a well-paid and (relatively) secure job, but somehow you feel trapped and itching for the next opportunity, potentially for your own consulting practice.
This quick read will provide a hands-on guide, some personal examples, and further reading on how to break down this ambitious goal to digestible steps and start working on your ambition today. In the book you will discover:

  • Your motivation—why you would like to have this business
  • What you can do to prepare and incubate your idea while you are still employed
  • How to set up the essential business infrastructure
  • How to find and acquire your (first) clients
  • Even more importantly, how to serve your customers splendidly
  • If your venture is growing, how you can add (more) value as the founder
  • How to avoid “founder burnout” and preserve your physical and mental health.

My promise to you is to not waste your time and attention, give you a quick read and let you move on.

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