April 30, 2020
Falcon: Respect: Book Two
May 2, 2020

“Law of Attraction: Path to A Fulfilling Life (mindful, law of attraction, fulfilling life, better life.)” by Anthony Brown

Use the secrets to attract everything you want in your life, this way you can start living the life you want TODAY

Although we yearn for a balanced, well-rounded, and peaceful life, many of us are oblivious to the fact that our life is a product of our thoughts. Because of this obliviousness, we usually complain about how we cannot achieve such a life because of the scores of obstacles surrounding us.

Difficult or easy, pleasant or disagreeable, meaningful or meaningless, peaceful or stressful, our life is a byproduct of our thoughts. Like J. K. Rowling, a renowned British author and the creator of the famous Harry Potter series once said,

‘We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.’

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