Inept & Random Thoughts Captured in Haiku

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March 3, 2022
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March 10, 2022

“Inept & Random Thoughts Captured in Haiku” by Brett C. Persson

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Open your mind to a poignant collection of haikus inspired by pain, hope, and the dual joys and struggles of life.

Artfully combining the obscure and the profound, Inept and Random Thoughts Captured in Haiku paints a vivid and imaginative picture through verse, drawing on a classic Japanese form of poetry to deliver profound messages and thought-provoking reflections. Weaving together themes of death, pain, and hope, these poignant haikus will encourage you to think and reflect as it draws out deeper meanings through vivid and descriptive wordplay.

Perfect for the curious, the creative, and the open-minded, Inept and Random Thoughts Captured in Haiku ranges across the spectrum of human experience, contrasting dark moments and macabre themes with uplifting messages of hope, faith, freedom, and joy. Drawn from the mind of a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, this collection blossoms through his experiences, offering readers of all backgrounds an interesting perspective that will imprint on their minds a lasting impression.

Whether you’re new to haikus or deeply familiar with this unique and expressive form of poetry, Brett C. Persson’s collection will stimulate your mind and open your heart with dramatic prose and intense imagery that stretches across a wide range of topics and themes.

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