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July 5, 2020
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July 11, 2020

“How to Deal with the Police: A Blunt Tutorial on How to Avoid Getting in Trouble with the Police” by Dr. Ike Okani

This book is for you if you’ve been getting in trouble with the police and you’re hungry for knowledge on how to stop that. This book is for you if you’re a parent that’s often worried that your child could be the next victim of police brutality and would want your children to read this for their own sake, and for your own peace of mind. You’re a high school teacher and you would want to recommend this book to your students. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that life the way it is (police brutality does exist) must be handled in a way that you do not become a victim of police brutality too. If you were waiting for the utopian future of no police brutality anywhere, you would not be reading this book.

1.You must understand that each question that a police officer does ask you is used to profile you.
2.Your relationship with the police is mostly influenced by your overall attitude towards the police.
3.One thing you must never do is to argue with the police without a lawyer present.
4.If you’re a man and you believe that men don`t call the police, you’re going to end up with a criminal record. And the police will forever use that against you.
5.The interesting thing is that many criminal records are avoidable. But too many people just don’t care, mainly because they’re working towards their self-fulfilling prophecies.

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