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July 12, 2022
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July 19, 2022

“Fugitives in the Moonlight” by Aliza Nave

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Fugitives in the Moonlight tells the story of a group of macaque monkeys who escape from an animal testing lab. The perceptions and the grief of the imprisoned animals are reflected in the dialogues they have with each other inside their cages and during their journey as they search for freedom.

Will they achieve the dream of being free again?

The book examines a dilemma that many of us do not spend enough time on: the need for research through animal testing versus the compassion we should show these helpless creatures.

Fugitives in the Moonlight only shows the tip of the iceberg of what really happens, and it aims to further raise awareness of the plight of animals in a world dominated by humans.

Fugitives in the Moonlight is a call for change.

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