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July 7, 2022
July 10, 2022

“F* THE DIET: How to Get off the Weight Loss roller coaster and Lose 1kg per Week!” by Mariana Cadore

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There is a solid reason the F*** word was used in the title of this book… it can be as offensive as the word diet.

Inside this book, you will learn that no two people think about food the same way. Nor do their bodies process food in the same way. Even more important, how you think about yourself, will greatly determine how you feed your body. Food is the body’s essential fuel. Are you quickly pumping the tank and not being mindful about what you’re putting in? This book will help you answer that question.

Let’s agree that diets are unreasonable, unappetizing, and unnecessary. And let’s start discussing the way you see and use food. Because once you look at food from a different perspective, you’ll see paths to a healthier you that you didn’t know existed.

You’ll likely even want to get out and move more because you are falling more and more in love with yourself and your body.

This book is a beautiful celebration of you. You’ll be gently guided to re-examine what decisions in your life have caused you harm, and what future decisions can bring you in line with the person you want to be.

Learn to love the food you eat. Learn that your attitude has a direct reflection on any goals you set. Embrace the changes you are about to make, at your own place.

The only thing between you and greater health and happiness is you. Fill your tank with love and joy.

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