El secreto turco

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June 9, 2022
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June 15, 2022

“El secreto turco” by Gonzalo Alfaro Fernández

During the reign of Emperor Constantine, Christianity finds itself at a crossroads: its followers grow vertiginously, but the internal split is so violent that it threatens to disintegrate it into dozens of sects. While some accept the inevitable, reluctant to contravene their principles, others fight for its metamorphosis to ensure its survival and lay the foundations for a future universal hegemony. Fortunately for the latter, Constantine finds in the alliance a prop to consolidate his own power. But it will not be as simple as he thought. He will soon find out that they are not alone in this game.

One day he commissions Marcial, one of the most promising officers in the army, to watch over a strange prisoner in the Trier palace. This prisoner, who has an enigmatic tattoo on his foot, has aroused disconcerting interest among Christians. The alliance that is being forged between the emperor and the Christians is in danger. Constantine will soon discover that Christianity hides secrets as deep and dangerous as its deadly enemies. The story that the emperor has been told about Jesus may not be true…

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