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September 28, 2020
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October 25, 2020

“Druidess Found (Druidess Trilogy Book 1)” by  Machelle Hanleigh

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Their meeting was not by chance…it was orchestrated!

As one of the four Chosen to the Kahoali Queen, Moto is a warrior with extraordinary abilities. In his pursuit to discover answers about the devastating night terrors that plague him and threaten his people, he finds his heart and soul on another world. Though Kahoali only bond with other Kahoali, he cannot deny the connection between himself and this outsider, or the signs the bonding process has begun.

After the unexpected death of her foster parents five years earlier, Kaily worked hard to achieve a quiet life on Earth. When a dark warrior invades her life, her dreams, and her very existence, her quiet life changes forever. Through him, she discovers a past she never knew she had, and one she doesn’t want to exist. While she longs to return to the simple life she left behind, she cannot deny the connection between her and this warrior, or the bond being created.

When Kaily is in danger, Moto does the unthinkable…he brings her to Center Village of the Kahoali home world. There they must choose between the bond they share and the expectations of their past. The choices they make will impact the fate of the Universe itself. But are these choices truly their own? Will their connection save or destroy the Universe?

If you love Romance… If you love Fantasy… This is the book for YOU!

Druidess Found is the first book of the Druidess Trilogy, part of the groundbreaking, cross genre Inhabitants at the Center of the Universe series by Machelle Hanleigh. If you want something new that breaks from the norms, with a fulfilling story, then you’ll love this page turning series. Take the first step in the journey that will take you to the Center of the Universe and change the way you look at genres forever.

5.0 out of 5 stars Like a wonderful homemade soup, this novel has only become better as its creator let it stew…
Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2020 (from Amazon reviewer)

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