February 27, 2020
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March 3, 2020

“DINERO & LANI: A Deep South Romance” by STREET KEYZ

Darren “Dinero” Brooks, was once known as the king of the deep south. He and his best friend, Rome, dominated Birmingham’s drug game. Their lives were perfect, until a routine check in with his team goes awry, changing the course of his life forever. Starting over isn’t easy, especially when Dinero is ready to change his ways, but Rome isn’t. But, Dinero’s fresh start, by going back to his roots, the restaurant he opened up in honor of his grandmother, is just what he needs, and it brings him to the beautiful Leilani.

Leilani is a part of the future generation of law. She’s smart and independent, and any man would be lucky to have her. Unfortunately, she’s been dating Marcus, and an upper level drug dealing narcissist, who believes he’s truly the prize, but what one man won’t do, another will. Marcus’ constant indiscretions push Leilani too far, and in the past, she’s been too afraid to walk away. She vows she’ll never date another dope boy, but Dinero has all the makings of a good man. What will she do now when she’s faced with finding true love or staying where she’s comfortable?

Rome would do anything for Dinero, and he’s held him down and been a brother to him, but taking care of his brother hasn’t left much time or room in his heart for anyone else, until he meets Leilani’s best friend, Kelsey, a damaged and bitter woman, turned cold after the worse break up of her life, who he’s determined to love back to life, if she’ll let him.

Rome and Dinero have gotten back in the game, against Dinero’s better judgement, and when lines get crossed between who really runs Alabama, and everyone’s lives are in danger.

Will Dinero be able to protect Lani from the unforeseen danger that lies ahead? Can Rome woo Kelsey’s heart and make her his?

Find out how things unravel in Street Keyz’s debut novel, Dinero & Lani: A Deep South Romance

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