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July 26, 2020
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July 31, 2020

“Crimson Truth: A Medical Thriller” by Grace J. Gray

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Crimson Truth is the first book in Darkness to Light, by bestselling author Grace J. Gray

When bodies start piling up in New York the NYPD has no other choice but to call upon the medical examiner best known to help identify the cause of death faster than any other medical team the police have.

June is hesitant to come back, but when she learns that one of the bodies recovered is that of a detective she worked with and even loved known as Mark Wholer, the man who helped her solve a case and saved her life, she makes it her mission to find the killer. As she begins to work on the case she realizes that Mark was looking for the killer and was murdered when he had gotten close, June and Marks best friend Anthony both set out on a journey to find the person responsible for killing the man they loved dearly, as clues begin to pop up they soon realize that Mark knew his life was in danger and he left behind snippets to help them bring the killer to justice.

Along this journey, June and Anthony rely on each other and form a rather unbreakable bond. Will the two be able to find the killer and put together the puzzle left by Mark in time?

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