Courageous Love

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June 5, 2022
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June 9, 2022

“Courageous Love” by Paul Nankivell

A new romance novel with a twist, Courageous Love dispels long-held societal and cultural myths that people with physical challenges are asexual.

The author, born with cerebral palsy, types with one finger and took four years to write this romantic novel in which the two main characters—who also have cerebral palsy—each feel compelled to overachieve in their careers to prove their worth.

In Courageous Love, Alan Jones has overcome many obstacles. As a senior systems analyst at a Fortune 500 company, he makes a very good living. However, he has never found a woman who could see his value in a society that worships physical perfection. Catherine O’Malley has also hurdled many roadblocks due to her version of cerebral palsy. She’s a corporate attorney who defines herself by her career success, but her personal life has been fraught with romantic misadventures with men who never could see beyond her wheelchair.

These two atypical characters must push past their pride if they hope to finally find love.

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