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January 25, 2023

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“CORRUPTION” by Parker Samuels

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After being shot, Griffin Hunter, a by the book detective, must investigate the corrupt underbelly of the Houston police department to save his own life.
While recovering from an assassination attempt, Griff makes a connection among some cold case files. The serial rapist/killer in those cases is a powerful and mysterious man named Mick.
While investigating the cold case files, additional attempts are made on Griff’s life. Now he must investigate those whom he suspects inside the department. As a result, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues with his potential assassin.
Not even those around Griff will be safe.
In the final showdown, Griff must decide what he is going to do about his deadly adversary.
Although the immediate danger appears to be over, Mick is still in control and won’t rest until Griff drops the cold cases.
Or is dead.

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