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October 6, 2022
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Clueless (The Fairy Brew Book 1)” by E. Broom

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Clueless, the first book in the Fairy Brew series.

The fairy realm is dying, but what better way to save a race than by kidnapping humans and mating them with single fairies?

Merlyn Glenn is a white wolf shifter on the run from his abusive family. Through what he thinks is luck, he finds himself in Winchester, the ancient capital of England, with a new job at a popular men’s magazine.

Florian is a fairy working at The Fairy Brew, a coffee shop owned and operated by Fairies. He isn’t sure kidnapping humans to save his race is the right thing to do, but as he wants a mate of his own, he’s quite happy to work there.

Stopping in for coffee one day, Merlyn is overjoyed to discover his mate, Florian. But dark forces are looming. Merlyn’s family are hot on his trail, determined to bring him back home no matter the cost.

With the help of his mate, his new work friends, and the fairies, Merlyn must battle his family to keep the perfect life he now has.

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