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March 9, 2021
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March 15, 2021

“Children of the Night” by M. Dutchy

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When two young girls come looking for Detective Vicky Smithton. During the investigation Vicky learns that the darkness is kidnapping children. What does the darkness want from these children? And why so many? With her nan in a coma and Liam fighting for custody of his daughters in Boston, Vicky asks Lisa Williams and the FBI for help. While investigation Vicky comes across secrets, challenges and magical beings.

Victoria Smithton is a young detective in a small town. She is half-vampire/half-witch. Her grandmother raised her under the protection of the Fairy Queen because half-bloods or half-breed are forbidden! Recently she learned that her family is more than just witches after she had to pull off powerful magic to send her grandmother’s stepsister from killing people. She did this with help of her new partner, Lieutenant Liam Williams.

Welcome in a magical world of Light and Darkness, another way to look into the world:
Child of darkness, child of light
I’m the guardian of balance, I guard the fight
Let me in and let me stay
I will be your child either way
Without the darkness there is no light,
Without either, there is no reason to fight
Now open up and let me in,
Let restore for balance begin
-Foresthill Grimoire-

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