Religion & Spirituality

December 15, 2022

30 Days with the Sages

“30 Days with the Sages: Heal Your Soul by Changing Your Thinking” by Carol Currier It’s Time to Embark on a Two Thousand Year Journey 30 […]
July 3, 2022

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues

“Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues” by Dewey B. Reynolds | Website | Stuart Duffelmeyer has been bullied by his college classmates and he suffered […]
June 22, 2022

On My Way to Greatness

“On My Way to Greatness: Understand the Power of Affirmations, Unlock Your Full Potential and Manifest the Power Within You” by Wildine Pierre When your goals […]
March 23, 2022


“TIMSHALL: A Saw-Toothed Career” by Juliette Schlegl | Amazon UK | The title of this book, Timshall; written by the author; Juliette Schlegl, is derived from […]
February 20, 2022

Paul’s Magnificent Obsession

“Paul’s Magnificent Obsession” by Stephen Ongo A Look At A Christ Like Life (Paul’s Magnificent Obsession Book 1) | Book 2 | Book 3 | Over […]
November 7, 2021

Transforming Your Life Volume IV

“Transforming Your Life Volume IV”  From the team that brought you the multi-country bestseller Transforming Your Life, we bring you a follow-up book that takes our […]
October 27, 2021

The Mental Toughness Blueprint

Get Your Copy for Only $0.99! “The Mental Toughness Blueprint: A Guide to Changing Your Mindset, Mastering Your Emotions, and Overcoming Challenges Like a Pro!” by […]
May 4, 2021

The Beauty of Salvation

“The Beauty of Salvation” by Rose Maulana Have you ever wondered what will happen to you, if you happen to sleep today? I mean if you […]
April 22, 2021

Invisible Illness

“Invisible Illness” by Jake Taylor Invisible Illness seeks to understand and show there is a way to thrive with mental illness. Jake Taylor is a husband, […]