Cat Horror Stories

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March 4, 2021
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March 9, 2021

“Cat Horror Stories” by Amanda Martha

Cats are very intelligent creatures who were even considered gods at some point. And since that time, we’ve been ascribing certain mystical attributes to them. As learned by the characters in this collection, we were very right to do so.
Moving into a new city is always tough. Tom learns that having a strange cat follow you around your building only makes it harder.

When your boyfriend goes away, you can’t say no to watching his cat. Even if you can’t stand her. As this lady learns quickly, looking after a cat has very unexpected consequences.

When Bianca gets a black cat Gabby as a wedding gift, she falls in love with him right away. But when her family starts to fall apart, is Gabby to blame? Do black cats really bring bad luck?

Getting a cat for her 16th birthday was all Emily wanted. Soon, the cat and the teenager become very close. But why are Emily’s friends so vary of the little white fluff ball? And what’s going on in the pet shop that seems to shift from one place to another?

The stories in this collection are about cats and people. However, there’s a lot more to that than meets the eye. Dive into the “Cat Horror Stories” and prepare to be surprised – just don’t let your cat get your paws on them too!

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