Breastfeeding, Nursing and Just Plain Udderance

“The Treehouse” by John Hilton
November 3, 2021
Fire and Harmony
November 6, 2021

“Breastfeeding, Nursing and Just Plain Udderance: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Breastfeeding” by Heather de Paulo

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Are you are currently pregnant and have either decided to breastfeed or are contemplating it? Or do you currently have a wee one and need some help with the whole breastfeeding thing? This is THE book for the breastfeeding new mom or a new moms gift!

Don’t we always rely on our BFF’s for advice when we are going through challenges or are unsure about something? In this book, Heather de Paulo is your BFF and she discusses how she set herself up for success, as well as how to overcome challenges like sore nipples, mothers-in-law and getting time for yourself.

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