Alcohol’s Autobiography

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February 24, 2022
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March 3, 2022

“Alcohol’s Autobiography: The World Through The Eyes of Alcohol” by Mircea Florin Boangiu

Alcohol is an ancient part of human society; some anthropologists have even theorized that alcoholic beverages are older than agriculture, and that our desire for alcohol gave rise to the development of the first civilizations.

Despite its enduring prevalence in cultures around the world, humans still struggle to define alcohol’s role in society—at times, they embrace it, and in other instances, they condemn it. A stigma exists nevertheless, and alcohol is often blamed for various problems; it ends marriages, ruins financial success, destroys lives, and changes people for the worse.

Although alcoholism can be crippling and even life-threatening, to what extent should alcohol itself be deemed culpable for the problems associated with it? Does it bring us together or isolate us? Well, why not ask alcohol? After remaining silent for thousands of years, the world’s oldest beverage has plenty to say.

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