A Summit without Mercy

Demons of Time
March 2, 2021
Cat Horror Stories
March 6, 2021

“A Summit without Mercy” by Dylan Walker

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High in the Himalayas, a Buddhist guru and a rogue spy devise a nefarious plan to start a nuclear war between two nuclear-armed neighbors – India and China.

An Indian agent is missing. The Indian Intelligence Bureau tasks their best agent, Keshav Bose, with locating him. As he follows the clues, he uncovers a far more devious plot is underway.
With French spy Camilla Faidu by his side, Bose recruits hired assassins, a Turkish mercenary, and a sect of brainwashed beauties to prevent nuclear war. What they uncover leads them to the dashing, young Chinese ex-pat and his palatial retreat, but thwarting disaster comes at a heavy price and makes them targets.

Their only option is to infiltrate the compound, disrupt the plan, and hope they make it out alive.

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