Destination 9/11
August 14, 2021
Crinolines and Carnage
August 21, 2021

“A Missing Element” by Amber Ward

Missing lithium bottles, a tall and dreamy science teacher, a possibly promiscuous Phineas. Just another day in my new small town life.

My return to Perry, Kansas hasn’t been met with a missing woman like last time, but rather a found one. She doesn’t know who or where she is, but I go straight from that mystery to a request to look into a husband’s possible indiscretion.

At least I get to discuss these cases with Dean, but he is a bit preoccupied with lithium bottles missing from his chemistry lab.

I moved back home to help out at my family’s archery shop. The fact that my Uncle is angry and resentful toward me is making this difficult. I love being in the shop and getting to practice more. This is put to good use when my trusty bow saves a stranger in the alley behind the shop.

Between my impromptu investigations, the shop, a stranger with a secret and missing explosive chemicals this small town is anything but slow paced.

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