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July 16, 2019
Unyielding Destiny
July 19, 2019

“YA Fantasy Romance Bundle: Series Starter” by Mira Crest

Experience the beginnings of 4 Young Adult Fantasy Romance series, spanning from Epic Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery to Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy and Reverse Harem Fantasy. From mermaids and witches to dragon shifters, faes, werewolves and godly princes, these stories are packed with action and adventure and suspense.

Soul Mates (A Reverse Harem Fantasy)

Four guardians. One mortal girl. A forbidden bond.

Nia’s long-awaited day is coming: her marriage to her betrothed, Celyn.

So when news of Celyn’s death reach her, she is willing to do anything to bring him back, even venture to the forbidden Annwn, where the power to bring the dead back to life lies.

But the path is fraught with dangers. And guarding the way are the four princes of death: Cadfael, Gareth, Bran, and Rhys. Though that is soon about to change. As the irresistible beauty and resolve of the mortal girl penetrate their defenses, the godly princes find themselves lending their aid to Nia.

As their journey continues, the princes realize that the mortal girl might hold more power over their lives than they over hers.

Mermaid’s Destiny (A Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Epic Fantasy)

Mermaid. Dragon Shifter. An epic adventure of fire and water.

A mermaid imprisoned next to a huge dragon.

A magical cage even her powers can’t break.

Whoever captured them is very powerful, and she doesn’t want to be here when he returns.

She must figure something out fast.

Maybe the dragon can help. Or kill her.

But what choice does she have?

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