Satan’s Grace The Greatest Deception of All

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May 3, 2019
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May 7, 2019

“Satan’s Grace The Greatest Deception of All” by Joe Tango

If you call yourself a Christian, You Need this book today. Satan’s Grace, The Greatest Deception of All. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that as a Christian, you have been absolved of all your sins and your place in heaven is guaranteed. You may even have been told that your slip-ups in reverting to sinful ways are no big deal. Everyone does it. God can’t see those sins and doesn’t care anyway, because you’ve already been saved. Have you ever felt like something is not quite right with these teachings and perspectives on the Bible and Christianity? If so, you’re correct. In the book Satan’s Grace, The Greatest Deception of All. The author Joe Tango tackles the problem of the false grace and once saved, always saved movements in Christianity, taking exception to their arguments and claims of scripture that backs their beliefs. Joe takes each point made by adherents to the false grace doctrines and dissects them to point out the falsehoods, misinformation, and out-of-context problems with each. Then Joe clarifies the true meanings of these Bible verses in order to allow Christians to understand how to avoid the problem of skewed scripture tainting their understanding of how to live a holy life. Further, Joe uses the same verses and more scripture to bolster His proof of Satan’s influence on the misleading doctrines that are so popular today, putting the eternal lives of Christians everywhere in dire jeopardy. Then he advises readers on how to avoid these pitfalls that risk their salvation so they can repent and get their lives back on track in the glory of God’s true grace.

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