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August 28, 2019
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September 27, 2019

“Kazi Boku (Crystals of Empire Book 1)” by mark poyhonen

Tyrus Hammersvold has a view of a relatively ‘peaceful’ world, not under his direct control but obedient to his paradigm of order, class, and control.
He will do anything to achieve his goals. What would you do if you had the capability, (power), to live forever, heal any illness or injury, create new species, or enhance existing ones?
The cost? A few lives. Lives you select. After all, people die all the time anyway, and you need to live forever. Kazi Boku, once a victim, grows to oppose Tyrus’ efforts of dark domination.

The Crystals of Empire is an epic series following Kazi Boku’s life in the troubled world of Starn. Tyrus Hammersvold created potent crystals capable of healing any injury or curing any illness. Once activated by a tuning fork, they even allow an appendage to be ‘transferred’ from one being to another. The entire life force of any sentient being powers the rods and anyone using an activated rod absorbs a proportional quality of the entity destroyed to power its healing properties. Tyrus uses this capability to create new beings–constructs made to serve his purpose. He can merge and combine the attributes of any creature whose life force is extracted by his crystals.
Tyrus has lived for ages and plans to dominate the world behind the façade of his religion. He fashioned The Temple of Kaal to provide free education while indoctrinating all attendees. His Temple graduates subvert the writing of laws to twist the culture. His nefarious use of Crystals can provide healing to those willing to offer favors to the Temple. He beguiles the aristocrats with healing services, often required after ‘accidents’ have occurred to family members or friends.
Tyrus also rewards his sordid followers by giving them the settled land and homes in the outlying areas of Vissing. He does not want his degenerates to remain in the cities after their use in no longer required. His generous allotment of other people’s land also offers an opportunity to encourage hate for Clousen amongst the general population. Tyrus detests the Clousen. They worship Dun, an alternative to the Temple of Kaal, and he blames them for any mishap. The mercenaries plant Clousen artifacts after performing their butchery.
Tyrus desires the villages established at the edge of the western Vissing plains, and he plants a monstrous bear to chase away the settlers currently living in the area of the Boku farm. When the bear fails, Tyrus sends in the mercenaries.
Kazi Boku’s character, honed by integrity, hard work, and a loving family, is about to be tested.

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