June 11, 2019
Septet Legends
June 15, 2019

Happy Himself” by Jeff Tilden

Happy Bowman and his friends are about to embark on the awkward years of adolescence! Life before middle school was close to perfect. As the most popular kid, best athlete, and most fun-loving guy in Landsboro, Happy expected sixth grade would be no different. Teenagers, facial hair, fashion trends, social status, and big-time bullies rule the hallways of Belton Middle School. How will Happy respond when he’s thrown into a new world with unexpected changes?

Follow best friends, Happy and Rosa, on their many misadventures during year one of middle school. Along with their friends, the twins (Jonathan and Nathan), and Happy’s brother, Moe, the gang’s childhood innocence is challenged when the rich kids from across town begin to send pranks their way. Happy wrestles with trying to maintain his identity while also looking to impress the girl of his dreams.

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