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“Success: Defined By You” by Mason J. Schneider

Success: Defined By You gives new ideas on how people can formulate their own definition of success. The path to being successful is different for each different individual. This book provides new mindsets that can open your eyes to a new world full of opportunities. Along the way readers will learn the value of the emotions we all face on a daily basis, and how to use these to obtain our goals.

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“Marlisa and Friends:The Best Gift” by Bibia Design Group

Marlisa and her friend Becca are creatures from planet Yamut. The two friends travel and explore the universe. Their spaceship crash into the sea. Marlisa transforms herself into a mermaid. Becca transforms herself into an eel. They meet Kal, the shark and Tar, the starfish.


“Nice presentation and easy to read for little ones” Colorful and fun to read!~Rester

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“Goodnight Irene” by James Scott Byrnside

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Goodnight Irene is a classic example of a locked-room whodunnit. Panic strikes during a birthday at an isolated manor home. The guest of honour turns up dead, found decapitated in a locked room with the only key inside. How did the killer escape? Who will be next? Detective Rowan Manory will have to solve the mystery before more of the guests are murdered.

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“To Shine: Powerful Practices To Master A Happy & Fulfilled Life” by Jelani Rios

Do you want to know the secret to lasting happiness? 
Are you determined to live a fulfilling and awesome life?
In this inspirational and action-oriented book, Jelani Rios shares the quickest ways to transform your life toward never-ending happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace. This book is for people who want to love life and desire a simple and powerful path to attaining that happiness.
The 9 To Shine process uncovers nine practices including:
• Gratitude Journaling
• Meditation
• And how the words you speak about another person are the access into yourself!
The “Summary Action Items” at the end of every chapter make it easy to quickly reference the how-to practices presented in the book so you can start living a life you love RIGHT NOW!

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