“Coal Hill & Other Tales of Dread” by Jeremey Wilson

Every night a man is haunted by shadow people.

One family’s mountain getaway takes a horrifying turn when they realize they are not alone.

After stopping to stay the night in a small town, one man begins to suspect there’s something wrong with the locals.

Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, and Junji Ito, Coal Hill & Other Tales of Dread is a horror anthology of seven original short stories that are sure to have you sleeping with the lights on. Each story features a chilling illustration from Jonathan Williams.

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“Onus Angelorum” by Celie Wells

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Alerie’s life is about to change for the next four hundred years. Everything she knows about her wolf lineage is a lie. She desperately wants a normal human life. Her wolf hides easily within her strong body with only one requirement—magical blood. The need for wolf pheromones keeps her tethered to Leo, her childhood friend and lover. Leo keeps her blood needs fed while indulging their polyamorous lifestyle.

A new human lover will trigger a change so profound Alerie’s life will be changed forever sending her deep into the dark world of folklore and ancient myths. A forced alliance with an ancient demon may prove even more dangerous to her soul. Alerie will need all she discounted as folklore to survive.

With the weight of her past lives cementing her fate Alerie must make each choice carefully. The gift of a mate for her wolf drags her down a road of self discovery and hard choices. This dark romance is a magic realism, reverse harem romance with angels, demons, vampires, wolves and witches filled with sex and violence.

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“Dead Men Naked” by Dario Cannizzaro

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Would you go on a road trip with Death?

Lou’s couldn’t say no to that question. If you witnessed the inexplicable death of your best friend Neil and were haunted by visions of the Grim Reaper and a giant black crow – your answer would be yes as well.

Embark with Lou and the anthropomorphic embodiment of his own Death on a tequila-induced journey and descend from cities to desert to chase Angelene, a charming exotic dancer who holds the secret to save your soul, all the while poetically ruminating on the meaning of life, the universe, and the saving grace of love.

Dark, hilarious, profound and charming – this must-read novel is a steaming hot cup of magic realism, dark fantasy, literary fiction and poetry that will make you laugh and cry and want to read it again and again.

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“Another Fairy Bastard: Rise of the New Arcana” by  Ron Randall

Murder, Mayhem and Magic

College prepares you for many things, and the Army even more, but neither prepared Dalton Graham for the murder that occurred across the hall, or the fact that he was its intended victim.

Assailed and assaulted by inhuman, magic wielding villains who want nothing more than his death–he goes on the run, protected by the mysterious and lethal Umi Nitaku, who is equal parts shy stranger and beautiful angel of death.

As they flee from one danger to another, he begins to discover the arcane ability that is his birthright, and the reason why it has entire houses of the Eloim united against him.

He will need all his courage and cunning if he is to avoid a violent death and a shallow grave.

He will need the truest of friends and powerful magic if wants to be anything more than…

Another Fairy Bastard

If you like the snarkiness of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series, the romantic angst and powerful female characters in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows, or the resourceful wizard in the action packed Dresden Files by Jim Butcher; then you are sure to love Dalton Graham in Another Fairy Bastard.

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“The Allegory of the Puzzle: A metaphysical journey into realty” by Res Cogitans

This E Book contains a metaphysical understanding of our true reality. It is one of many plausible explanations that include questions such as our purpose in the world, the meaning of life and the impact of our decisions onto reality.
If you are confined to a certain worldly outlook or are a strictly logic based individual, you probably will not like this book.

If you would like to entertain other potential answers to life’s questions beyond what we are presented to believe as truth, open to new learning or have an open mind towards our consciousness and reality, you may enjoy this app. Please do not give this book a low rating just because you do not agree with this information but rather, continue searching for your own truth wherever you choose to find it without limiting those that choose to search here.

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