Science Fiction & Fantasy

January 15, 2020

A Hand of Magic

“A Hand of Magic” by Diane Moat  Even in a world of magic . . . the healer must trust in love to be healed. Madison, […]
February 27, 2020


“ELDRITCH SHENANIGANS” by  JL LAHEY After discovering a map that revealed the location of the fabled lost island of HEYL’R, the sorceress that adopted BA’AL began […]
March 10, 2020

Moon & Shadow

“Moon & Shadow” by J. Steven Lamperti “Pull up a chair and settle down for a good read: humor, magic, adventure.” –Page C A young man […]
March 16, 2020

A Tale of a Human Dragon Hybrid

“A Tale of a Human Dragon Hybrid:Dawn of a Hybrid” by Ryan Johnson | Facebook | A lonely human dragon hybrid name Vaeludar lives in isolation […]
May 19, 2020

Dragon Heart: Stone Will

“Dragon Heart: Stone Will. LitRPG wuxia series: Book 1” by  Kirill Klevanski He was born anew in a world where martial arts were indistinguishable from magic. […]
July 26, 2020

Divergent Jason

“Divergent Jason” by Simon Sallyenjavi Jason, a nine-year old kid, has one dream in life: to live young forever, after learning about DK-Bio, the world’s leading […]
August 13, 2020


“Nridev: The Fall of Sanpheran” by Vivek Chandanshiv The world so peaceful and tranquil, suddenly starts to get engulfed in the dark aura again, which was […]
August 28, 2020

Tour of the Fallen

“Tour of the Fallen: The Birth of Power” by Marc Mompoint  When Hell has a hiccup and Heaven rests with just one stipulation… what happens? John […]
October 6, 2020

Druidess Found

“Druidess Found (Druidess Trilogy Book 1)” by  Machelle Hanleigh | Website | Twitter | Book 2 | Their meeting was not by chance…it was orchestrated! As […]