July 9, 2018


“Remnant” by  E.M. Duffield-Fuller The rebellious remnants of the Nant â Goll clan are acclimatising to life in the forest, refusing to bend the knee to the […]
August 14, 2018

Speed Reading

“Speed Reading: How to Read Faster with Skillful Comprehension” by Alex Medler This speed reading e-book is an unbiased comprehensive review of the current methods and modes […]
August 15, 2018

Smoothie Recipes for Everyone

“Smoothie Recipes for Everyone: Easy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Better Skin and Feeling Great” by  R.M Prince Smoothies should be easy to make and easier to […]
August 17, 2018

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes

“Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game & Profit” by Daniel Regan | Website | Want to be in the elite 1% […]
August 19, 2018

Unofficial Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook

 “Unofficial Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook: Ultimate Smoker Cookbook for Real Pitmasters, Irresistible Recipes for Your Electric Smoker” by Adam Jones Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook Electric Smokers very easily provide the […]
August 19, 2018

Soothing The Seeker

“Soothing The Seeker” by Matthew William Flemming | Facebook | A Seeker is someone who searches for truths. They need soothing because seeker tends to be empathetic, […]
August 26, 2018

The Rainman

“The Rainman: Vol 1” by Genevi Engle | Facebook | Evan Strauss is a man burned and refined by tragedy and loss. After the mysterious death of […]
August 29, 2018

An Open-Door Policy Novella

“An Open-Door Policy Novella” by Anna Ambrose | Amazon UK | Website | Twitter | When her best guy friend of ten years admits he’s part of […]
September 1, 2018

Mary Brooks

“Mary Brooks: A matter of Time ” by Claire Rye  | Website | “Take my words, accept what you will, reject what you must but promise me […]