“The Academy Saga” by CJ Daly

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Kate Connelly should be careful what she wishes for.

Just seventeen, she already feels like she’s suffocating. Since her mother’s death, her father’s basically checked out, so she’s stuck raising her brothers by herself out in the New Mexico scrub. All Kate wants is a little distraction from the same-ole, same-ole that is her life.

When two mysterious guys show up at the diner where she works, she thinks her wish has come true, until they start giving her a hard time. Like her life isn’t hard enough. Something about them niggles her, but she brushes it off. She’s never going to see them again anyway . . . right?

Then they appear in an alley one night to either rescue or kidnap her (she’s still not sure which) before disappearing like figments of her imagination.

Kate decides to put the bizarre encounters out of her mind. She has bigger problems to worry about: like that elite military academy that’s been pursuing her gifted little brother. When one of their cadets shows up at her high school, he creates instant pandemonium. And just happens to be one of those mysterious guys. Coincidence? Mama said there’s no such thing. And to always trust her instinct. But that might be kind of hard, because every time she’s around Cadet Peter Davenport, her gut starts flip-flopping on her. And her heart.

Can Kate keep it together long enough to stop Cadet Davenport’s mission? She’s about to find out. And—once again—how neatly life can be split into before and after.

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Alagnor” by Albert Shagivaliev

A book about four ancient nations that have great power. Egyptians, Northerners, Atlanteans and forest barbarians. One day, the prince of the Egyptians was found murdered in the human world, he was killed with the ice weapon. The Ice Prince, the barbarians and the Atlanteans were sent to meet with the Egyptian ambassador and help the investigation with all their might. They still had no idea where their investigation would lead.

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Black People In Oregon?” by Marlon “Prxscott” Abah

In times like these when racial tensions are at an all-time high, a reality check is long overdue. In this book we take an in-depth look into the current perception of black people in Oregon. This state is well-known for being mainly white , with many people not even believing that black people exist here.Black People In Oregon is a first of its kind. In this raw and uncut analysis, it breaks down the inner-workings of a range of issues affecting black Americans today. From the systematic racism that’s rife in American society, to the gentrification of poor areas; this book uncovers the truth behind the headlines as we gain a realistic insight into racial inequality in the US.This book predominantly focuses on Oregon — a state with just a 3% black population. In the midst of the black life matters protests, author Marlon “Prxscott” Abah decided to write this book to give a voice to the struggles of black people living in white-dominated areas. He picks apart the root causes of the state racism and shows us the real life perception of black people in the region.

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“Nridev: The Fall of Sanpheran” by Vivek Chandanshiv

The world so peaceful and tranquil, suddenly starts to get engulfed in the dark aura again, which was long ago defeated. Three heroes set their journey to find the roots of the dark aura and defeat the unknown evil. Will they succeed or will their fate take them to their doom?

Join the thrilling adventure of Nridev and his friends and explore the mystical lands of the world called Prithvi, as they set out on a journey to defeat the evil in this first volume of The Fall of Sanpheran.

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All of Me” by Kevine Walcott

Kevine Walcott’s ‘All of Me’ is a holistic, boundless collection of poetry that puts life under a microscope and compels readers to examine every facet of their existence. From relationships and mother earth to intimacy, what it means to belong to a country and everything else in between, Walcott weaves together a beautiful tapestry of humanity.As a property professional by trade, Kevine Walcott frequently comes in contact with the sheer breadth of humanity’s cross-section. It’s a series of collective experiences that have inspired her to turn to poetry, and capture her life, those she meets and the things that please and disgruntle her.In ‘All of Me’, Walcott’s latest book, no subject’s stone is left unturned in an attempt to capture the universe, its people and their emotions through a fascinating collection of verses.From the author of Institutionalised, a selection of nostalgic poems about nature, love, sex and patriotism.”This is definitely a volume with something for everyone,” explains the author. “No matter where you live, what your background is or what you’re striving for in life, you’ll find yourself within the pages. My goalwas to retain the unique hallmarks of poetry I’ve become known for, while allowing every reader to individualise the poems and extract true, vivid meaning.”Continuing, “It’s also a great volume for those who haven’t yet spent much time exploring poetry, as the verses are so wide-ranging and can be adapted and defined according to anyone’s unique personal situation. Pick up a copy – you’ll be amazed at what you might find!”

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“The Ring: What Every Single Is Looking For” by Tenishia L. Sharp 

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The ring is what every single is looking for. In this book, we will explore why this is so. Whether you are male or female, Tenishia Sharp will help you identify where the pursuit began for you as she shares her personal triumphs over rejection and how she learned to tap into the power of her identity.

Tenishia Sharp challenges singles to view relationships and marriage from God’s perspective and not from our own emotions and desires. This well-written and inspiring book will help formulate a desire for you to understand God’s idea for singles. It will guide you through providing necessary practical encouragement in your process of singleness. The Ring will help guide you to choose purposeful relationships with confidence and not out of insecurity.

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“The Watcher of Westbrook: Book 1” by Aidyn Corday

A haunting attraction. A horrified household. Did he put down roots in tainted soil?

Maine, 1913. Architect Albert Granville longs to build a beautiful home for his family’s legacy. But before he can even break ground on his design, he’s ominously warned that their move is already ill-fated. Ignoring menacing letters filling his mailbox and proceeding with his plans, the determined man unknowingly plunges his family headlong into a deadly trap.

Now in their new residence and plagued by increasingly distressing threats, Albert struggles to reassure his wife when the police fail to provide any protection. But he’s terrified when the obsessed monster targets his innocent teenaged daughter…

Can Albert keep his dream alive before he loses everything to an unseen evil?

The Watcher of Westbrook Book 1 is the chilling first installment in the century-spanning, five-part Watcher of Westbrook mystery series. If you like generational thrillers, captivating psychological suspense, and treacherous twists and turns, then you’ll love Aidyn Corday’s journey into terror.

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“You’ve Got To Be HUNGRY: The GREATNESS Within to Win” by Les Brown

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. For five decades he has not only studied the science of achievement, he’s mastered it by interviewing thousands of successful business leaders and collaborating with them in the boardroom, translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients.
As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as 80,000 – Les Brown energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. The thread is forever strengthened, touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and actively make an impact on the world.

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Leading in the First Person” by Shawn Abrams

Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions and those who would embrace it. This book will explore why leaders fail. The cover of this book holds the 5 Lead statements that leaders should concern themselves with on the way to success.Reading this book will allow you to:•Recognize critical leadership mistakes and how to recover from them quickly•Successfully lead your life instead of following it•Build rather than just maintain relationships•Shape your vision and influence others to follow it•Review effective mentoring and coaching techniques Leading is an act but leadership is a discipline! It’s hard work and sometimes unforgiving but very necessary. Goals don’t lead people, leaders lead people! – abramsDon’t rally you team to the goal. Rally them to their full potential and lead them to the goal! – abramsThis book represents a movement of leaders who are not afraid to lead themselves first and other well!

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The Day I Lost My Wings” by Antwan Deligar

In the wake of his retirement from the military, Antwan Deligar decided to share the unique story that led to him walking away from active duty forever. Actually, most of the story is ordinary except for an event in which a 30-year-old Antwan had a stroke while parachuting from an airplane during a night jump with his military unit. In a matter of minutes, Antwan went from being an intelligent alpha male to being paralyzed and unable to articulate himself. His life changed forever after that stroke and the series of events that followed, but it was up to Antwan to take back the reigns and keep pressing.

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Filterless” by ChiCheese Rivera

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Ruben is on a quest to find love, a belly but, after his divorce. His journey takes him into struggles: a violent beating and online dating. The shame of all of it, drives him to a catfish support group. Where many adventures follow. Buckle up for a laugh-time of memories! A dramatic short story, infused with comedy.

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“Branding Simplified: Branding Basics for Start-up Businesses” by Jaxx Greye’

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Discover the Key Tactics the Pros Use for Branding

Learn why your branding is missing the mark (and how you can fix it). A must-have book Branding Simplified comes with the tools and strategies that every entrepreneur needs to have. No matter what type of goods you sell, this guide will help you unlock the full potential of your business. Get your copy and discover the step-by-step method that ANYONE can follow.

Here’s what you will love about this book:

  • What is Branding, anyway? Here’s how to get started.
  • Developing Your Brand as An Entrepreneur.
  • Standing Out in An Overcrowded Market.
  • Discover How to Find Your Market Niche.
  • Creating Compelling Content for Your Brand.
  • Discover Effective Ways to Boost Your Brand with Social Media.
  • The Power of Email Marketing and Giveaways for Brand Success.
  • Learn to Scale Your Brand with Paid Ads That Convert.

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“The Recovery Conscious Mind” by Justin Etling, Autumn Khavari

Addiction recovery has become a reality for many individuals and families around the world. Justin shares a lifetime of experience with addiction. He grew up in a home of active addiction resulting in a turbulent childhood in and out of foster care until he was eventually adopted. He became addicted himself due to this trauma leading him to become a seriously troubled youth. He entered recovery at the age of 17 and has been on a personal growth journey of recovery for the last two decades. He currently owns multiple treatment centers where he has worked with thousands of individuals as a recovery and spiritual teacher leading many to longterm success. He undertook a study of addiction and recovery in his work creating the The Recovery Success Plan to teach individuals the best ways to achieve success in recovery. His unique perspective combines CBT, 12 step, Neuroscience, Spiritual and Success principles to help people understand the metaphysics of recovery. Come to understand, believe and engage in what the recovery process is truly about. Whether you have a love one suffering or are suffering yourself this book will truly give you a new insight on addiction and recovery.

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“Gaze wide, aim far —- The Foundation: developing the mindset to realize ambitions” by Jelmer de Haan

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Would you like to develop the mind-set to realize ambitions? If so, keep on reading….

In Gaze wide, aim far, author Jelmer de Haan presents a toolset that can be utilized to realize long-term ambitions. This isn’t specifically geared towards any profession or industry, but the ideas and strategies are about creating the right mind-set to realize ambitions on an individual basis.

The author draws on more than 10 years of experience as an educator, and he combines this with a keen interest in psychology, philosophy and the larger world around us. The series was created in the heat of the 2020 pandemic, and its aim is to gear people up for a smooth transition towards the other end. If you have always dreamed about changing careers; now is the time to do this.

This first part of the series is about the foundation: basic ideas are explored and it gives you a good impression of the entire series. It’s just the start though…..

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The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships” by don Miguel Ruiz , HeatherAsh Amara

Relationships: An Integral Part of the Human Experience

As humans, most of us yearn for fulfilling relationships. They provide unlimited ways for us to learn, grow, thrive, and have fun!

Yet, as we know, relationships aren’t always a “bed of roses”—especially romantic ones. They don’t make themselves, nor do they continue happily on autopilot once they begin.

In this one-of-a-kind book, bestselling authors don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. and HeatherAsh Amara share their seven secrets to healthy, happy relationships:

  • Commitment
  • Freedom
  • Awareness
  • Healing
  • Joy
  • Communication
  • Release

Understanding and enacting these principles can help you at any stage in your intimate partnering, whether you’ve been with someone for many years or are currently single and want to prepare for a relationship.

The authors make clear that the principles in this book aren’t secrets because they are hidden away, but are more akin to undiscovered focal points that can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections.

Part of the secret, as you will see, is in the art of putting these ideas into practice day after day and year after year.

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“Dragon Heart: Stone Will. LitRPG wuxia series: Book 1” by  Kirill Klevanski

He was born anew in a world where martial arts were indistinguishable from magic.
He only received a neuronet and meaningless desires from his past life.
What lies ahead?
He dreamed of adventure and freedom, but those dreams were taken away from him.
The same way his mother, father, and sister had been taken away.
They took the Kingdom, they took his own destiny.
But he is willing to wage a war, against the whole world if need be, to bring everything back.
Even if the army opposes him, his sword won’t waver.
Even if the Emperor sends the legions, his step won’t falter.
Even if demons and gods, heroes and enemies alike are to unite against him, he won’t bend to their will. His own will is iron itself, unstoppable.
His name is Hadjar and he heeds the call of the dragon heart within him.

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“The Calling: 11 Stories that Will Inspire You to Listen to Your Inner Voice & Stimulate Your Divine Purpose” by Snehal R Singh

Everybody has a destination. An ultimate purpose. When you realise this depends on the individual. The inevitable truth of life is that we are all heading somewhere, and we all need to take a journey. The journey of life. Imagine if you are in a room. Before you are two doors. One is journey A and one is Journey B. Which one do you take? There is always a question Would the lives be different and how different would it be?

Life is about choices and the journey you take. This book has journeys of 11 authors from different walks of life, recounting their life journeys and their realised destinations. The journeys of success and failures, choices and battles between the heart and brain. It will help you understand how to

  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Live a Purpose-driven Life
  • Find Happiness and Joy
  • Walk in the path of Light

This book is for my fellow travelers on life and especially for those on the cusp of deciding which path to take!

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“Falcon: Respect: Book Two (Bravo Rising Series 2)” by L. Ann Marie

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Badass is alive! Falcon realizes his worth to his Club and community. Maybe now he won’t have to keep that body count tally.
Elders, a rival Club and Walmart just don’t mix. The Alpha-Bits are explosive with ASAP solutions. Solei is wondering what she got herself into.
Jump on in where elders, Alpha-Bits, arsenals and of course Walmart are challenging the ‘sane’ President and his new ol’ lady.

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“Walls that I can not break: How to heal a broken heart and move forward to establish healthy, fulfilled relationships” by Eugenia Lartey-Attigah

This book gives a candid perspective from mental health therapist on the importance of resolving soul wounds and unresolved hurt on relationships.

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“A Torrid Train Affair” by JB Seabolt

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Mia and Jack – two total strangers, NYC residents, regular subway commuters meet on a train. Barely they knew, this train was taking them somewhere they never imagined.

May be you have met them, may be not! But they are just like your fellow commuters seating right next to you. Totally unaware about destiny, they have the steamiest affair that just started with a train journey!

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“How to Crush Federal Resumes: The Things That Federal Insiders Don’t Want You to Know That Will Get You Hired (Top Secret Tips)” by Joseph Mercer 

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If You Want To Land A Federal Job Easily… Make Sure Your Resume Follows These Guidelines!

Do you keep applying to federal jobs but keep getting rejected?

In fact, a lot of people do.

More than three quarters of candidates applying for federal jobs never make it to the final stages of the hiring process.

But what can you do to land among the chosen few who get their dream jobs?

The answer is both very simple and somewhat daunting.

Write an irresistible resume that will impress every HR specialist who sees it.

However, just googling “resume writing tips” won’t cut it.

Federal resumes are very different from the resumes typically written for private sector jobs. If you submit a typical business resume to a federal job, the recruiter won’t even bother reading it.

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“Become a better Parent: Everything You Need to Know about the Different Parenting Styles” by Tibor Sturm

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to determine the right parenting techniques for your children and how to apply them in real life. As a parent of 5 kids myself, I know how challenging it is to raise children — from the birth to feeding to nurturing to taking care of them every single day. That is why I decided to write this book, because I know that parenting struggles are real and they’re happening day after day after day.

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After discovering a map that revealed the location of the fabled lost island of HEYL’R, the sorceress that adopted BA’AL began making preparations to remain out to sea until she would finally be able to enter the legendary Sleeping City, hidden within the island.

Now as BA’AL embarks on his latest adventure, they have to navigate their way through hordes of unnameable horrors, flesh starved denizens of the deep and crews of traitorous pirates as they search for an island that no sane person would wish to find and that no person has ever escaped with their sanity intact.

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“The Allegory of the Puzzle: A metaphysical journey into realty” by Res Cogitans

This E Book contains a metaphysical understanding of our true reality. It is one of many plausible explanations that include questions such as our purpose in the world, the meaning of life and the impact of our decisions onto reality.
If you are confined to a certain worldly outlook or are a strictly logic based individual, you probably will not like this book.

If you would like to entertain other potential answers to life’s questions beyond what we are presented to believe as truth, open to new learning or have an open mind towards our consciousness and reality, you may enjoy this app. Please do not give this book a low rating just because you do not agree with this information but rather, continue searching for your own truth wherever you choose to find it without limiting those that choose to search here.

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The Second Chance Cowgirl : Contemporary Western Fiction: (Western Romance Story Of Love Vol 1)” by Millie Landry

When Cody Deckard is fired from her job as a waitress in a less than a stellar diner, she has no idea what the future holds for her. Reluctant, she agrees to return to her home town of Sweet Creek with a stranger – the movie star handsome, Alex Thornhill.

Her stepfather is dying and wishes to see her, to leave this world with Cody’s forgiveness for what had happened between them. Unsure about making amends with her stepfather, or her stepbrother, Cody is entangled in Alex’s ranch when he greatly needs her help.

Can she find it within her to forgive those who had wronged her so long ago? Could she forgive God for abandoning her? Can she resist falling in love with Alex? Can she return to the town that brought her nothing but pain and grief?

The Second Chance Cowgirl is a story of forgiveness and redemption, in learning to love and have faith once more.

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The Second Chance Cowgirl : Contemporary Western Fiction: (Western Romance Story Of Love Vol 2)” by Millie Landry

When Cody Deckard is fired from her job as a waitress in a less than a stellar diner, she has no idea what the future holds for her. Reluctant, she agrees to return to her home town of Sweet Creek with a stranger – the movie star handsome, Alex Thornhill.

Her stepfather is dying and wishes to see her, to leave this world with Cody’s forgiveness for what had happened between them. Unsure about making amends with her stepfather, or her stepbrother, Cody is entangled in Alex’s ranch when he greatly needs her help.

Can she find it within her to forgive those who had wronged her so long ago? Could she forgive God for abandoning her? Can she resist falling in love with Alex? Can she return to the town that brought her nothing but pain and grief?

The Second Chance Cowgirl is a story of forgiveness and redemption, in learning to love and have faith once more.

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The Second Chance Cowgirl : Contemporary Western Fiction: (Western Romance Story Of Love Vol 3)” by Millie Landry

When Cody Deckard is fired from her job as a waitress in a less than a stellar diner, she has no idea what the future holds for her. Reluctant, she agrees to return to her home town of Sweet Creek with a stranger – the movie star handsome, Alex Thornhill.

Her stepfather is dying and wishes to see her, to leave this world with Cody’s forgiveness for what had happened between them. Unsure about making amends with her stepfather, or her stepbrother, Cody is entangled in Alex’s ranch when he greatly needs her help.

Can she find it within her to forgive those who had wronged her so long ago? Could she forgive God for abandoning her? Can she resist falling in love with Alex? Can she return to the town that brought her nothing but pain and grief?

The Second Chance Cowgirl is a story of forgiveness and redemption, in learning to love and have faith once more.

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“The Second Chance Cowgirl : Contemporary Western Fiction: (Western Romance Story Of Love Vol 4)” by Millie Landry 

When Cody Deckard is fired from her job as a waitress in a less than a stellar diner, she has no idea what the future holds for her. Reluctant, she agrees to return to her home town of Sweet Creek with a stranger – the movie star handsome, Alex Thornhill.

Her stepfather is dying and wishes to see her, to leave this world with Cody’s forgiveness for what had happened between them. Unsure about making amends with her stepfather, or her stepbrother, Cody is entangled in Alex’s ranch when he greatly needs her help.

Can she find it within her to forgive those who had wronged her so long ago? Could she forgive God for abandoning her? Can she resist falling in love with Alex? Can she return to the town that brought her nothing but pain and grief?

The Second Chance Cowgirl is a story of forgiveness and redemption, in learning to love and have faith once more.

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“10 Seconds That Changed My Life” by Iain M. MacLeod

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My name is Iain and I live in the North-east of Scotland. I suffer from Cerebral Palsy. I used elbow crutches/wheelchair for my mobility. I was fiercely independent; lived on my own, loved driving, studying higher education with the Open University and generally enjoying life. My life dramatically changed in June 2017 following a silly accident while getting out of bed. Now I have become severely disabled and am physically unable to do anything for myself and must rely on carers, in the supported housing complex where I live, to do everything for me. I am now in an electric wheelchair all the time. I had to give-up my house as I could no longer live independently, as I need a lot of care, and cannot drive anymore.
10 Seconds That Changed My Life by Iain M MacLeod is a book, I wrote, and tells the story from when I woke on that June morning to my discharge from the fourth hospital some eleven months later. It is available on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, hardback and audiobook. The audiobook is narrated by a top BBC Radio Scotland continuity announcer, twice winner of the ‘One Voice Award.’

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A New Life (The Proudhill Line Book 1)” by Payton Joseph Cavallo 

Aethel Proudhill is a rune crafter and single mother, trying desperately to make ends meet, when everything comes crashing down around her. She moves away to the Island of Fleabar to start a new life with her child, but soon finds her home under assault by a monstrous werewolf. Narrowly escaping the monster with her life intact, she tries to find those who can help her with the beast. However, as the full moon draws closer, the werewolf may prove to be the least of her worries. With barely any money and no where to run, Aethel will find the means to protect her family, no matter what.

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“Stoically Yours” by Renee Shelbey

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If nothing else, Tabitha Merrin has always considered herself two things: mentally focused and emotionally guarded. Never before this year of her psychology internship have the two been more relevant. She just wants to keep her head down and finish the program but the two new guys in her life are making it difficult.

Mark Thomas, a handsome and intuitive musician, is trying to woo her but so is her clinical professor, who’s attractive and brilliant but not exactly available. Regardless, they both make her consider doing things she never thought she would.

For the first time in a long while, Tabitha wonders if she should drop her guard and open herself up to a relationship, but to which guy? If she takes too long to make a decision, will he still be there waiting?

It’s a fun, multicultural romance that invites you to peek behind the curtain of psychology internship, sometimes cringe at but mostly applaud the journey of self-discovery, and follow the path to boundless love.

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 “Out of My Mind: A Quirky Look at Life through Poetry” by Miki Conn 

Out of My Mind: A Quirky Look at Life Through Poetry” by Miki Conn is a collection of poems spanning 50 years of writing and observing everyday life.  Conn’s poetric debut, “Out of My Mind” is autobiographical and divided into five sections: Kitchen Wisdom, Love Found and Lost, People Watching, Death’s Front Steps and True Religion.  Each section, illustrated by Conn’s original artwork, reflects on the beauty, challenges, emotions and spirituality of everyday life.  Miki is an artist, poet, storyteller, community organizer, grandmother and Priest of Oshun in the Yoruba Religious tradition, who expresses her life experiences through her creativity. She encourages readers to take a break from self-imposed restrictions and celebrate the wisdom in the small moments of life.  Laughter, tears and rueful recognition will make you glad you did.

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“Career Criminal:The Code of The Streets: 10th Anniversary Edition” by Gary Govich

Mr. Govich returns to take you deeper|darker inside the dreadful places.The ones he said that he would never look back into them again. Forbidden zones you should never enter alone. Its treacherous there. You go inside and you can’t tell where the grey ends and the black begins. Places where you can drift away and never even know you were gone | They were too unpleasant for him to recant.

Mr. Govich was a stranger to you. And you were a stranger to him. He was afraid you might cut loose and he knew that without you, there was no way he would make it back out of there again.

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“Digital Marketing: Acting As a Change Catalyst for Today’s Common Man!” by Ajanta Behera

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The current era is the era of digital marketing and so most people, especially the fresh graduates from Universities and those who are seeking a fresh career in digital marketing are looking for ways to learn and grow with the digital marketing skills. But, unfortunately, even after being trained from the top digital marketing Institutes, they fail to perform on-the-job because of the following reasons. The knowledge gained from books is never enough. Though reading makes a man learned, it’s only practice that makes a man perfect. The search engines come up with different algorithms every year. So, you need to keep yourself always updated, even when you are learning a previous technique. The training from experts in digital marketing schools may not be suitable to your way of learning.

So, here’s what you will get from this Book. It presents the concepts in a very easy-to-understand, logical and accurate way. Even before you think of taking training from digital marketing experts, digital marketing training school or self-learning through podcasts and videos, this will be a primer to any additional knowledge you may gain later and a face-saving on your first digital marketing job. This Book will adapt you to latest trends and technologies being adopted in the digital marketing arena across all industry segments. It also contains stories that can inspire the least-motivated soul and the most unsuccessful being on this planet. This book will generate passion and love for digital marketing, if you feared learning the tricks of the trade. Finally, It will make a digital marketer’s journey as simple as it can be. And, so nurture your dreams with this book. From start to finish this book will seem like you never want to keep it down, unless you have finished reading it.

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“Kazi Boku (Crystals of Empire Book 1)” by mark poyhonen

Tyrus Hammersvold has a view of a relatively ‘peaceful’ world, not under his direct control but obedient to his paradigm of order, class, and control.
He will do anything to achieve his goals. What would you do if you had the capability, (power), to live forever, heal any illness or injury, create new species, or enhance existing ones?
The cost? A few lives. Lives you select. After all, people die all the time anyway, and you need to live forever. Kazi Boku, once a victim, grows to oppose Tyrus’ efforts of dark domination.

The Crystals of Empire is an epic series following Kazi Boku’s life in the troubled world of Starn. Tyrus Hammersvold created potent crystals capable of healing any injury or curing any illness. Once activated by a tuning fork, they even allow an appendage to be ‘transferred’ from one being to another. The entire life force of any sentient being powers the rods and anyone using an activated rod absorbs a proportional quality of the entity destroyed to power its healing properties. Tyrus uses this capability to create new beings–constructs made to serve his purpose. He can merge and combine the attributes of any creature whose life force is extracted by his crystals.
Tyrus has lived for ages and plans to dominate the world behind the façade of his religion. He fashioned The Temple of Kaal to provide free education while indoctrinating all attendees. His Temple graduates subvert the writing of laws to twist the culture. His nefarious use of Crystals can provide healing to those willing to offer favors to the Temple. He beguiles the aristocrats with healing services, often required after ‘accidents’ have occurred to family members or friends.
Tyrus also rewards his sordid followers by giving them the settled land and homes in the outlying areas of Vissing. He does not want his degenerates to remain in the cities after their use in no longer required. His generous allotment of other people’s land also offers an opportunity to encourage hate for Clousen amongst the general population. Tyrus detests the Clousen. They worship Dun, an alternative to the Temple of Kaal, and he blames them for any mishap. The mercenaries plant Clousen artifacts after performing their butchery.
Tyrus desires the villages established at the edge of the western Vissing plains, and he plants a monstrous bear to chase away the settlers currently living in the area of the Boku farm. When the bear fails, Tyrus sends in the mercenaries.
Kazi Boku’s character, honed by integrity, hard work, and a loving family, is about to be tested.

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“Unlocking Magic: How to hack into the mind of a player while avoiding heartbreak” by Joshua Griggs

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Let me start off by apologizing to any woman I may have hurt in the past.

I am not perfect. I strive day by day to become a better man than I was the day before. So for that the least I can do is let women in on a big key secret that will help them take control when it comes to a man and most importantly themselves. I’m talking secrets that have been passed down from generations known as the elite smooth talkers. This book is also wisdom I will give my daughter so she will be a step ahead of any guy who tries to run game on her.

As we get deeper and deeper inside of my mind, I will reveal the questions that should be asked to catch men in lies. Consider this a self-help book. Imagine a guy that cares when no one else does. The big brother you always wanted or may have needed. Or maybe just that little voice in your head that has been telling you something is not right all along.

I feel that once women realize they have control and actually utilize that power to make men respect themselves and women. The world will be a better place. Think about it.

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“The Art of Humour: How the use of Humour improves social interactions and human relationships” by Luke Gilmour

Learn How to Become 10X Funnier!

Do you feel like your sense of humour could be a little better?
Would you like to leave a good impression in social interactions?
Wouldn’t it be nice to be known as the guy with the great sense of humour?

No matter how powerful, how important, or how serious – people have always been attracted to people with a good sense of humour. Since the beginning of humanity, humour was an indicator of friendliness, peace, and understanding. Humour is bringing people together, strengthening relationships, and creating deep connections. There is so much more to humour than just being funny!

In “The Art of Humour”, you will find your complete guide to better social interactions, a better sense of humour, and for improving every area of your life!

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“Follow Her Heart: The Heart Series” by M. L. Taylor

Book 1 of The Love Triangle Series

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In Jessie Denton’s world, she is battered and nearly molested by her step-brother Martin on a regular basis.  Her internal dialogue starts out the same way every day – “I only need to make it through one more day – just one more day, and I can leave this place.”
Her way of life, as she knows it is pathetic and deplorable, hardly being a notch above the street rats that scurry at her heels for food. The bruises on her face will fade…because they always did, and she always managed to get by.
It started out the same as any another night-cheating and stealing at cards. But when her hand brushed against his-all hope became lost for her.
Sir Lucian Hawthorne would rather have been anywhere else that night.  The Mate’s Table was a dive bar on the Mercy River and he met his friends for an innocent night of playing cards.
That is until his eyes held the sapphire ones of the waif sitting on his right. He knew the cocky lad cheated, and it angered him. So he waited for him, concealed in the shadows in a darkened alley.
Now everything had changed for him.
What he assumed to be a disheveled boy, turned out to be a beautiful young woman. Now she and her blue eyes tormented his dreams nightly, and he struggled to erase her from his mind.
Can their chance encounter survive the disparity between two contrasting lives and cause love to grow? Or will betrayal, secrets, and lies tear them apart forever?

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“Rescue Her Heart: The Heart Series (Triangle of Love Book 2)” by M. L. Taylor

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Book 2 – Sequel to Follow Her Heart Aniela Matthews has finally returned home after disappearing three years ago on the island of Martinique. She appears thin and disheveled – not anything like the elegant woman she had once been. What kept her away from her family for so many years? And who is this man Lord Gordon Pynnoke that tortures her every night in her dreams? Or every-time she closes her eyes? When she finally reunites with her past love Sir Jaylon Veltre, will her heart be able to open for him once more? Or will his crushing secret forever keep them apart? For Jaylon, secret or not, the years have done nothing to diminish his love for her and he will do anything to bring her back into his arms. Will Aniela’s physical scars forever leave her damaged and unable to feel again? Or will Jaylon’s timeless devotion heal her wounds and bring her back to a love everlasting?

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Locrian: A Moon Rising Novel” by P C Brown

Underneath the moon, on the open moors of Ireland, an age old battle is fought. For centuries the Locrian have held the Droch at bay, keeping the balance between good and evil. But the tide has shifted. An evil unlike anything the Locrian have seen has emerged forcing them to take drastic measures. The old ways are failing and the Droch are more powerful than ever. If the Locrian fall the world will be thrown into darkness and the Droch will rule the earth. Margaret knew her place in the world. She grew up knowing that she was one of many Locrian who would protect humans, Fae, Elves and other creatures from becoming victims of the Droch. She and her friends were prepared for the challenges that lay before them, until one night a dream changed everything. Now she is the only one who can save her race and the world from a fate worse than death.

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“Self-Discipline: Mental Habits of Life Fulfillment and Positive Thoughts” by Paul Dowling

Long Term Sustainable Self Discipline Techniques to Positively Influence Yourself!

Successful people are the envy of many. They are our role models. We admire their success, wonder how they did it, and wish we could be just like them or replicate similar successes in our lives.

Unfortunately, not realizing that wishing alone is not enough and that there is more to achieving success, many of us stop there, dreaming of the life we want to live but never really doing something about it.

Have you ever longed to achieve more in life, to fill your life with more accomplishments, and to reach the goals you set for yourself? Many of us yearn for success but often fail in our pursuit because sustaining long-term success requires one crucial, very important skill set: self-discipline.

No matter what your goals, aspirations, dreams, desires and ambitions are, self-discipline is the secret to turning those dreams into reality.

This eBook is going to guide you through the process of developing self-discipline, building better mental habits for greater productivity, understanding what it takes to be successful, and how to shape your environment to reflect success.

See Below For A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Self-Discipline
  • Habits of the Highly Successful
  • Character Building for More Self-Discipline
  • Your Mindset
  • How Your Environment Influences Your Self-Discipline

Start Making Changes Immediately And Transform Your Life.

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Unyielding Destiny” by Spiros Gratsias

A historical crime novel tells the story of a Mafia hit man with divided loyalties.

After the death of his father and mother, 8-year-old Frank Morris—who up to this point had lived in a tenement on the Lower East Side—is adopted by Mafia don Joseph Cabineri. Three decades later, in 1962, Frank is serving a 14-year sentence for burglary in Alcatraz. Scott Easten lives with his mother, a nurse at the nearby Presidio Army base, and accompanies her during a three-day assignment at the prison. When Frank happens to meet the boy through the prison fence, he sees the dog tags around Scott’s neck: those of his dead father, Roy Easten. Unknown to Scott, Roy is the man who saved Frank’s life during the Korean War by selflessly leaping on a grenade. “He knew this question would haunt him for the rest of his life or at least until God revealed the answer,” Frank thought at the time. “Was I saved for a reason? Or was it just chance, pure chance, an event without meaning?” Frank soon escapes from Alcatraz and resurfaces in New York, where—after cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance—he becomes a “ghost hit man” whose very existence is known only to a few. By that time, Scott has grown to manhood and been named assistant district attorney of New York.

Part of his job is to rein in the city’s organized crime families, including the one that Frank serves. When push comes to shove, will Frank stay loyal to the system that raised him or pay back the sacrifice of the man who saved his life?

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“Purple” by Poonam Jain 

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Do you sometimes feel that your life is dedicated to others and you don’t have time for yourself?

Do you feel that you are not special enough to realize your dreams?

You can change that with this book!

Most of us have a desire that is locked deep within us, to become more than we are and be a success. Unfortunately, for many, this desire remains locked away as we convince ourselves that we do not possess an idea that is unique, do not have a wealthy family to back us up or just don’t have the capabilities required.

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“Switch” by B. A. Paul

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Never having the stomach for conflict or confrontation, Oliver Andrews isn’t upset about the extended school year in the small town of Fallston. Classroom dilemmas are easier on the nerves than an entire summer with feuding relatives.

His parents threaten divorce—and a move back to Chicago which would uproot Oliver from the grandfather and farm he cherishes and rip him away from his only friend in the world.

Maybe for good.

But when the family’s crisis hits a boiling point, Oliver discovers there’s more to the issue than everyday family drama—and a whole lot more at stake.

Set in motion generations before he was born, Oliver falls into a tight grip of magic and mystery that threatens all he holds dear.

Now he must team with unlikely—and eccentric—characters on a quest to repair his family.

And save the life of his best friend.

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“Stoneheart (The Gargoyles of Craven Book 1)” by April Kay 

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Shyla Bellamy never would have cut through the park that summer night if she’d known it would turn her life upside-down. One minute, she’s enjoying her walk home, and the next, she’s witnessing a murder. More than that, it’s a murder caused by some kind of unexplainable magic. And when the body disappears without a trace, she tries to convince herself that it was all just one bizarre dream. ‘At least things can’t get any stranger,’ she thinks.

And then she finds herself caught in the middle of a brewing war between different factions of magic-users. She becomes the target of the powerful leader of the dark warlocks, who’s certain that she’s more than just a witness to the murder he committed. She’s supposed to be enjoying her summer vacation, but now she’s constantly looking over her shoulder and worrying over not just her own safety, but that of her only remaining family — a neurotic, overworked sister. Fortunately for her, there are the White Witches, righteous and good, and the gargoyles, who are decades-long sentinels and defenders against dark magic. At the request of the gargoyle queen, a young man loyal to his cause — Quinlan — becomes something like a bodyguard to Shyla. A sometimes brooding, occasionally funny, and always good-looking bodyguard.

But as the magic that touched Shyla that fateful night starts to consume her, the gargoyles and the White Witches can only do so much to protect her.

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“Love Food, Love You” by Sally Plevin

Love Food Love You is the no-diet solution that will end your battle with food, your weight and your body image for good. Sally Plevin, Mindfulness teacher and previous ‘food-obsessed emotional eater’, guides you through a proven, step by step process to uncover and transform the deep-rooted beliefs and emotions at the heart of binge eating, overeating and yo-yo dieting.

Using techniques and strategies from her popular live classes and workshops, including bonus audio materials, she’ll show you how to:

Sense the clear distinction between physical and emotional hunger so that you never feel the need to restrict yourself or obsess about what to eat.
See past emotional reactions to food so that you stop falling victim to urges and cravings that cause you to binge and overeat.
Feel the incredible sense of contentment and self confidence that comes from loving and appreciating yourself exactly as you are.
‘Love Food, Love You’ will take you on a wonderful journey to self-realisation, food freedom and the weight that’s right for you.

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How to Relieve Pain, Anxiety and Stress With CBD Oil Without Side Effects in 1 Day” by Peter Augustine

  • Have you been under stress for a long period of time? Are you noticing that your body is beginning to feel run-down?
  • Do you want to learn how to show anxiety the door — and kick it in the butt on its way out?
  • Are you tired of suffering from chronic pain, and want it to end?

Stress, anxiety and chronic pain are symptoms that more and more people are suffering from in these modern times. Work conditions are often responsible for many of these symptoms. However, other things such as medical conditions, prescription drugs and day-to-day struggles can also cause an otherwise healthy person to suffer from these issues. What many people are looking for is relief in the form of something that is safe, easy to use and inexpensive. Recent medical and scientific studies suggest that Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD oil, might just be the answer. Not only is it cheap and easy to use, CBD oil also has few side-effects, all of which are mild to moderate in nature. Furthermore, CBD lacks the mind-altering effects of THC, making it a more socially acceptable compound found in the cannabis plant.

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“Evolution of Retail Asset Protection: Protecting your Profit in a Digital Age” by Tom Meehan

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Evolution of Retail Asset Protection takes the reader through the ways traditional loss prevention and asset protection responded to shifting retail environments and how technology and innovation are changing everything, while some methods can’t keep up.

In his highly anticipated book, recognized LP thought leader, Tom Meehan, CFI covers the latest in:

Dark web investigation – How to find what bad guys are doing before they do it
ORC – The new dimensions of human trafficking and cyber crime
Open-source intelligence – What it is and how to use it
Cyber crime in retail – How to find what bad guys are doing before they do it
Violence in the workplace – The latest mitigation strategies

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“Satan’s Grace The Greatest Deception of All” by Joe Tango

If you call yourself a Christian, You Need this book today. Satan’s Grace, The Greatest Deception of All. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that as a Christian, you have been absolved of all your sins and your place in heaven is guaranteed. You may even have been told that your slip-ups in reverting to sinful ways are no big deal. Everyone does it. God can’t see those sins and doesn’t care anyway, because you’ve already been saved. Have you ever felt like something is not quite right with these teachings and perspectives on the Bible and Christianity? If so, you’re correct. In the book Satan’s Grace, The Greatest Deception of All. The author Joe Tango tackles the problem of the false grace and once saved, always saved movements in Christianity, taking exception to their arguments and claims of scripture that backs their beliefs. Joe takes each point made by adherents to the false grace doctrines and dissects them to point out the falsehoods, misinformation, and out-of-context problems with each. Then Joe clarifies the true meanings of these Bible verses in order to allow Christians to understand how to avoid the problem of skewed scripture tainting their understanding of how to live a holy life. Further, Joe uses the same verses and more scripture to bolster His proof of Satan’s influence on the misleading doctrines that are so popular today, putting the eternal lives of Christians everywhere in dire jeopardy. Then he advises readers on how to avoid these pitfalls that risk their salvation so they can repent and get their lives back on track in the glory of God’s true grace.

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“Fireheart (Blood of the Warrior Book 1)” by Eliza Lynch

In a world where humanity battles to survive the constant attacks of the blood drinking Hova, the warrior tribe of women called the Karainas fight back. With their fire magic, they have defended their lands for centuries. Scarlett is the first person to become a Karaina without having any magic, and she has the strength, skills and speed to prove her worth.

But when the Karainas aren’t enough to stop an impending war with the Hova, she must find other ways to survive in this world of magic, masterful politicians, love, and betrayal. With the aid of a rogue Hovan prince who wants to atone for the mistakes of his race, she learns that the secrets of the past aren’t what she’s always been taught, and that in order to fight for the future, or any future at all, she will have to fight her way with everything she has.

This novella is part 1 of a 3part series.

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“INTERMITTENT FASTING: The Healthy Guide to Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Increase Energy While Eating the Foods you Love” by Ian Rhinehart

Use These Powerful Strategies to Build the Body of Your Dreams, Get the Energy you Crave, and Turn Back the Aging Hands of Time!

Fasting is undeniably a craze right now. There are articles about it all over the internet and everyone seems to have an opinion. But if you don’t really understand fasting, this deluge of information can be more overwhelming than helpful. Intermittent fasting isn’t as complicated or scary as it might seem. It’s actually a very simple lifestyle plan with lots of inherent benefits.

If you aren’t familiar with intermittent fasting, it is a term that refers to regulating your diet with periods where you don’t eat, followed by periods where you do eat. Fasting works because when you stop eating for a time, your body goes into a process called ketosis that has great effects on your body and mind.

Though fasting can get more complicated as you hone in on the perfect type of fasting for your body, at its base, fasting works off of a really simple idea. When you don’t eat—you lose weight do to how our bodies evolved. Fasting, broken down, is just a meal timing plan. You simply schedule times where you abstain from food. That’s it. Fasting is a period of eating interspersed with periods of not consuming calories.

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How to Learn American Sign Language 1:: The Basics” by Lord Bearathan Carmack

Those of you who want to learn American Sign Language (“ASL”), then get the ebook, “How to Learn American Sign Language”. With this ebook series, you’ll discover:

— How to be polite around deaf people

— How to get deaf people’s attention properly (there’s a right way and wrong way!)

— What to do if an interpreter for the deaf is present

— How to help the deaf and hard of hearing to read your lips

— How to talk to deaf and hard of hearing people in a quiet room verses in a crowded room

— Using a tele-typewriter (TTY) or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) [same thing, different name] as the equivalent of a voice phone.

— How to learn ASL quickly (via correct socializing)

— Be able to contact organizations for the deaf

— How to use eye contact, facial expressions, body language, mouth movements, hand movements and natural gestures appropriately.

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A Fatal Addiction: The Seduction of Speed” by Max.M.Power

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Part One of a family saga trilogy. Speed is a drug and this addiction comes at a high price – both mentally and physically. There is constant drama on and off the dangerous racetracks of Brooklands, the Isle of Man and Le Mans as two men strive to fulfill their racing dreams. The influence of the beautiful and powerful women in their lives bring unexpected and eventually tragic results. Their passions are fueled by their addiction to speed.

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“The Legendary Tauran’creima: Star Beings of the Universe” by Johnny Littlejohn Jr.

For eons, across the cosmos, there has been speculation of a star unlike any other. A star very unique. Yet, countless beings do not believe in such things. However, all those disbeliefs are put to rest when strange events start occurring. A mysterious character emerges, its intentions cryptic. Yet, something about this individual gradually eases the tension amidst those doubtful, as the powerful light about the entity makes its motive, its purpose, known to all.

About the Author

Videogame instrumental music has enthralled Johnny for years. His arrays of electronic game influential compositions are Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, both of which he cherishes, especially Super Mario, who he admired since childhood.

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