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Featured Books

“Mindfulness: meditation for beginners , How to start Meditation To Be More Productive, Feel Happier And Get Rid Of Stress” by Annan Smith

Use These Powerful Meditation Secret To Immediately Eliminate Stress And Anxiety Today.

This comprehensive mindfulness guide is written for readers who are new to mindfulness and are having trouble with stress, anxiety, and tension of everyday life. We can use mindfulness to help us navigate the torrents of stress and anxiety and manage our lives better. The mindfulness meditation guide for beginners provides welcome insights, answers, and instruction to help readers that transformation into a more clear, reliable, spacious, and loving connection with ourselves and the world. Meditation consists of living the present moment, stop thinking about the past or the future.

This book offers all mindful beginners to a warm and inviting welcome into the world of mindful living. This mindfulness beginner’s guide is the perfect starting place for anyone interested in learning the many practices of mindfulness. From finding your breath to feeling grounded, these practice-based exercises described in this book make integrating mindfulness into your daily routine easy. Reduce anxiety, manage stress, improve mental health, and stay present on matter what the day holds when you practice mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation practice is a simple way to navigate the difficulties you face with more clarity and courage.

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Essence of Being” by Mimi Novic

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Our life is the proof that we have a purpose.Every soul desires to be seen in all its glorious beauty,This is where infinite freedom begins.When we reconnect to our inner wisdom we are given the power to enlighten the shadows of this world.Our light leaves a trace with all who we meet, illuminating intricately the trail to enlightenment.With iridescent elegance, the Essence of Being captures the beauty that self realisation and the road to our awakening, is only ever a breath away.

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“BESIDE STILL WATERS: Finding Rest, Refreshment, and Restoration for Your Soul” by Leonie H. Mattison

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He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss. That’s where he restores and revives my life. He opens before me pathways to God’s pleasure and leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness so that I can bring honor to his name (Psalm 23:2-3 TPT).The hurt, the pain, and the trauma experienced as a result of abuse can be detrimental to one’s life, and cause revolving toxic patterns. Leonie H Mattison knows too well the results of living a life of abuse. Being a victim was once her story. But now victory is her reality. Having discovered her personal power within, Leonie learned how to conquer what once conquered her. This devotional is a 21-day journey to freedom. It is a retreat to find your true self, who you were created to be. Break the cycles of abuse and their effects by coming to the still waters of liberation. The world will try to convince you that you are a victim, helpless and powerless, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Holy Spirit in you empowers you to overcome every obstacle and walk in freedom from your past. Turn the world off, if only for a moment. Draw closer to God and watch the chains fall away as you immerse yourself in the still waters of God’s love. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit to find rest, refreshment, and restoration for your soul. LEONIE H. MATTISON is a trained organizational development practitioner, mentor, speaker, and author, who uses her faith, educational background, and life experience to help individuals and organizations unlock the best version of themselves.

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Hicks Road: Jacob’s Story” by Julian P. Flores

Set in Almaden, California in the 1850’s, young Jacob Smith is viewed as an outcast by his schoolmates and, following an attack by bullies, his family is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever. As the years pass, and the Almaden Quicksilver Mining Establishment industrializes the town, Jacob feels a strong connection to the land until one day he meets an ancient Native who reveals a mystic secret. Now, with the town endangered by a violent gang of outsiders, it is up to Jacob to harness the powers of spiritual Mount Umunhum and confront a destiny much greater than any boy could dream of.

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A Guide to Free Online Math Resources” by Walter Black 

If you have ever had struggles with mathematics and wondered if you could get help for free, look no further than this complete collection of the best math resources you can find online. This eBook has been created from the meticulous research and experience of a private educator that has been working with STEM education for over 8 years.

My name is Walter Black, and I have always been happy to share my knowledge and resources with anyone and everyone who needs help. My philosophy of empathy, patience, and freedom of information has led me to become a leading STEM education expert in multiple institutions across the beautiful city of Houston, Texas. Take a look at what I have to offer!

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Growth Mindset Secrets: Access The Powerful Secrets Of The Successful” by Ghramae Johnson

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Can a book transform your life? If it can transform your mindset, then YES! From the most authentic Gurus to the highest acclaimed neuroscientists, they agree on one thing – Changing your life means changing your mind.

After extensive study and research, the author of Growth mindset Secrets has gathered the most powerful, transformative information that can turn an underperforming mind into a success-generating machine.

Ghramae Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and success coach. With two decades of experience and many clients that testify to his life transforming touch. He has documented much of his secret source within this book.

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