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Featured Books

Ethan Heart” by  I.G.J Old 

Ethan was only a young boy when his father was taken away from him. Finding hard not knowing the truth about his disappearance, Ethan goes on a quest to find the truth. Along with the help from a close friend, will Ethan soon discover the truth about his father’s disappearance, or will it remain a mystery left untold?

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Christ in The Ghetto” by 6ix 3urop3

6ix 3urop3 Plans To Launch His Debut Book 2020 Titled Christ In The Ghetto A Fictional Book Based On Some Of The Typical Struggles Of African Americans Dealing With Corruption & Poverty A Very Captivating Story By 6ix 3urop3

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“Passion To Profit: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Side Business” by Khalilah Salley

In today’s time having multiple streams of income is a necessity to survive. Why aren’t you maximizing the profits of your hobbies? This book will help you turn what you love to do into a legitimate business!! No matter how small your passion or ideas are, turning it into an authentic business can maximize your profits for yourself and your family!!

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Millennial Purgatory” by Bradley Krae

This new 5 star rated novel is like a Black Mirror episode meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a tumultuous journey inside the mind of a troubled alcoholic with an inability to connect with the people and world around him. He eventually finds himself at the bitter end of numerous murders making him question his reality.

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“How to Crush Federal Resumes: The Things That Federal Insiders Don’t Want You to Know That Will Get You Hired (Top Secret Tips)” by Joseph Mercer 

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If You Want To Land A Federal Job Easily… Make Sure Your Resume Follows These Guidelines!

Do you keep applying to federal jobs but keep getting rejected?

In fact, a lot of people do.

More than three quarters of candidates applying for federal jobs never make it to the final stages of the hiring process.

But what can you do to land among the chosen few who get their dream jobs?

The answer is both very simple and somewhat daunting.

Write an irresistible resume that will impress every HR specialist who sees it.

However, just googling “resume writing tips” won’t cut it.

Federal resumes are very different from the resumes typically written for private sector jobs. If you submit a typical business resume to a federal job, the recruiter won’t even bother reading it.

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“The Allegory of the Puzzle: A metaphysical journey into realty” by Res Cogitans

This E Book contains a metaphysical understanding of our true reality. It is one of many plausible explanations that include questions such as our purpose in the world, the meaning of life and the impact of our decisions onto reality.
If you are confined to a certain worldly outlook or are a strictly logic based individual, you probably will not like this book.

If you would like to entertain other potential answers to life’s questions beyond what we are presented to believe as truth, open to new learning or have an open mind towards our consciousness and reality, you may enjoy this app. Please do not give this book a low rating just because you do not agree with this information but rather, continue searching for your own truth wherever you choose to find it without limiting those that choose to search here.

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