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Featured Books

“Foods Will Take You To A Happy Place” by Tresha Monique 

Be Happy! Live Happily!

Happiness is an absolute term. Unlike many abstracts that are open to interpretation, it’s pretty easy to know if you’re happy or not.
We all desire to be happy, although the complexities of our lives and the hectic schedules that we face on a daily basis have a tendency to rob us of this opportunity to be happy.

Still, it is very possible to find yourself in that happy place.

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“How To Make Money In The Stock Market” by David Stockton

This e-book is designed to enlighten and guide you in your journey in mastering stock trading and enable both new and existing investors to attain higher winning percentage rather than loss percentage. One of the best ways to invest money is to purchase assets that either create income, increase in value, or do both. Some assets may only appreciate in price, such as gold, diamond or silver, etc. You buy them with the idea that they’ll be worth more in the future so you can sell them for a profit. And some assets may only give you income, such as a bond that pays a fixed amount of interest.

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“A Billion Reasons to Run” by Amelia St. James

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What do you do when you find out the man you’ve fallen in love with is a billionaire? You run, of course!

At least, you do if you’re Alana O’Neal. Sentenced to a life of poverty by wealthy grandparents who disowned her mother, Alana has embraced her fate.

Sole heir to a family fortune, Brandon Lancaster would surrender it all for true love. He conceals his wealth from Alana to allow their love the chance to blossom without questioning her motives.

A poorly-timed tabloid photo drives a wedge between Brandon and Alana, sending her on the run. When she discovers vital information that could prevent Brandon from losing his inheritance, will Alana watch from afar or intervene?

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“The Sword of Telemon”

by Murray Lee Eiland Jr

The Homeric “long-haired Achaeans” were part of the Mycenaean culture of Greece (1600 BC – 1100 BC). They were a Bronze Age people who were quite removed in time and culture from the Classical period (5th – 4th centuries BC). In this novel a young Achaean prince is captured in a raid. His younger brother Orfeo, and a group of warriors, are sent on a mission to look for him. Telemon, a legendary warrior, and Zurga, an elderly member of a group called the Wanderers, are soon joined by Clarice, a girl who is a master of disguise. To their dismay they find that the kidnapped prince has been made a galley slave and that the maritime power of Thera plans to conquer the entire Mediterranean. Can they avert disaster?

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“Exercises For Bad Posture” by Alios Johnson

When trying to find out ways to improve posture we not only need to see the problem, we also need to understand why it’s there…

This book will show you:

– How To Improve Your Posture And Prevent The Problem From Coming Back
– Posture Exercises You Can Do To Start Feeling Better Today
– 7 Signs You’ll Notice When You Have Bad Posture
– A 10-Minute Workout To Fix Bad Posture
– Ways To Improve Back Pain
– What Causes Bad Posture
– The Sensation Of Good Posture
And much more..

The posture exercises in this book are very simple to do, and the descriptions are very easy to follow.
Also, you will get clear knowledge about what’s causing your posture problem, and how you can prevent it from affecting your life.

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“Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin?” by Johan von Amsterdam

Unlock the mystery of Bitcoin

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Do you want to know what the best and safest exchange to buy your Bitcoin is? Do you want to know where and how to store your new investment safely?

Then buy this audiobook today.

No, it’s not a trend. Yes, you need to get in the game.

In this informative, must-have guide, you will discover all you need to know about Bitcoin, including how to set up your wallet, the best apps for mobile devices, and how to buy your first bitcoins.

We’ll start from the beginning, learning about Bitcoin history and the numerous advantages Bitcoin investing has over government-controlled money. We will teach you how to protect your Bitcoin investments, introducing you to the blockchain technology and the smart contracts principle.

After listening to this audiobook, you will be able to:

  • Build your own web wallet
  • Know how to buy bitcoins
  • Acquire bitcoins for free
  • Decide where to keep your bitcoins
  • Develop strategies for protecting your bitcoin investments
  • Understand different investment strategies
  • Talk knowledgeably about bitcoins

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