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Featured Books

“My Heart Shaped Womb” by Stephanie Basco Sullivan

In October of 2005, Stephanie Sullivan tragically lost her only child, her daughter, Makaylee.

She almost lost her life as well, due to complications of a rare condition called bicornuate uterus, which means “heart shaped womb.” This became the title of her book.

After this loss and other personal tragedies, she felt led to share her story in hopes of helping others.

In sharing her story, she hopes to bring awareness to the emotional and physical aspects of losing a child. Her goal was in reaching out to mothers, fathers and families that have had to endure the horrible tragedy of saying goodbye to their baby or babies, born and unborn.

In this heartfelt, captivating memoir, Ms. Sullivan stresses the importance of having, and giving, the respect a grieving parent, especially the mother, needs when something like this happens.

In addition, her purpose is to bring to light the importance of getting help when you are faced with such loss.

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“Landing Leads with Book Launch: How to Attract More Leads, Close More Sales, and Get Paid for What You’re Worth” by Jae-ella L.

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Living In Secret Deluxe Edition” by Cristina Salat

Amelia wants to live with her mother, and now finally she will be…after she, and Mom, and Mom’s girlfriend Janey start a new life with new identities far away from her father who has custody. Reviewed as “courageous, thought-provoking” by Publisher’s Weekly, this Deluxe Edition includes 2 chapters from Living In Secret’s long-awaited sequel Esoterica, along with an interview with the author.

CRISTINA SALAT is the author of many books for the young & young at heart including The Skin of Water: Defending The Dreamcatchers, Living In Secret, Esoterica, Paradise Found, Alias Diamond Jones, Peanut’s Emergency, Step-Whales, Witzel’s Wish, and Home is Where You’re Happy, a collection of stories, essays & life snippets from her home by the sea.

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“Gathering The Dreamcatchers Omnibus” by Cristina Salat

This 4-novel omnibus begins with a book Publisher’s Weekly termed “courageous, thought-provoking” and the Los Angeles Times called “suspenseful, sensitively written” in which Amelia Monet escapes from her father’s home to begin a new life and identity in San Francisco, LIVING IN SECRET with her mother and her mother’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, in an entirely different part of The City, in THE SKIN OF WATER: DEFENDING THE DREAMCATCHERS, Lisel Martinez, a first nation teen, has left her New Mexico pueblo for a fresh start in California that will hopefully be better, safer than the life she’s leaving behind. Yet is there a way for young people on their own to stay safe in a world that is anything but? Empowerment is just a word…until you live it. In ESOTERICA, the third book of this 4-novel omnibus edition, we rejoin characters from the first two books as Amelia — older now and done putting up with safety issues of her own — decides to take matters into her own hands. Her dad is a criminal, and criminals are supposed to be in jail, aren’t they? In the final book, PARADISE FOUND, Amelia’s battles to remove herself from an abusive parent’s custody finally conclude. She’s 16 & 1/2 now; it’s time to create a life of her own and perhaps a whole new way to live too! It’s the 21st Century after all…a time of great change when girls are starting to rock and rule, and high time for many things about humanity to improve! And with friends like Pipsqueak, Lisel, Rocky, Gabrielle, and the whole Esoterica apple farm crew, Amelia just might be able to help make that happen. No matter what kind of twists and turns her life has had, it’s never too late to become a healthy, happy adult, right? GATHERING THE DREAMCATCHERS: a 4-novel adventure in intentional community, sovereignty, friendship, family, love, sexuality, radical activism…and all the magic in the world.

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Hicks Road: Jacob’s Story” by Julian P. Flores

Set in Almaden, California in the 1850’s, young Jacob Smith is viewed as an outcast by his schoolmates and, following an attack by bullies, his family is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever. As the years pass, and the Almaden Quicksilver Mining Establishment industrializes the town, Jacob feels a strong connection to the land until one day he meets an ancient Native who reveals a mystic secret. Now, with the town endangered by a violent gang of outsiders, it is up to Jacob to harness the powers of spiritual Mount Umunhum and confront a destiny much greater than any boy could dream of.

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A Guide to Free Online Math Resources” by Walter Black 

If you have ever had struggles with mathematics and wondered if you could get help for free, look no further than this complete collection of the best math resources you can find online. This eBook has been created from the meticulous research and experience of a private educator that has been working with STEM education for over 8 years.

My name is Walter Black, and I have always been happy to share my knowledge and resources with anyone and everyone who needs help. My philosophy of empathy, patience, and freedom of information has led me to become a leading STEM education expert in multiple institutions across the beautiful city of Houston, Texas. Take a look at what I have to offer!

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Growth Mindset Secrets: Access The Powerful Secrets Of The Successful” by Ghramae Johnson

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Can a book transform your life? If it can transform your mindset, then YES! From the most authentic Gurus to the highest acclaimed neuroscientists, they agree on one thing – Changing your life means changing your mind.

After extensive study and research, the author of Growth mindset Secrets has gathered the most powerful, transformative information that can turn an underperforming mind into a success-generating machine.

Ghramae Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and success coach. With two decades of experience and many clients that testify to his life transforming touch. He has documented much of his secret source within this book.

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