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Featured Books

WHITE WOLF MOUNTAIN: and the Dark Sphere” by Robert W Dunn

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Due to a seemingly supernatural force, people are turning up missing. Can Nathan and Alexandria free themselves from these other worldly beings and save the thousands of others who have been taken? To have any chance of succeeding, they will have to face their worst fears and realize their greatest abilities. Portals will need to be opened, swords will be drawn and magic orbs summoned. Nathan and Alexandria inadvertently stumble into a nightmare and also the adventure of their lives. If you enjoy science fiction/fantasy with a bit of horror, then this short story by newcomer Robert W Dunn is right up your alley.

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“A Silent Woman” by Mahima Sangwan

A perfect girl got a perfect man, what else does a love story need?

But marriages, they do differently. They don’t come with guarantees.
Sometimes they last. Sometimes they put an end to you.
They are built, gradually, with blood, sweat and tears and little did that the fragile beauty, Devena, knew about it.
They take everything from you, all of you, that even losing oneself to save the pretense of marriage, to be with someone becomes a mere burden. There comes a time when the facade of a marriage strips off, divulging that the vows are easier said than done.
She can’t even stand sympathy of people who had come to meet her, to pity her. She can’t feel anything anymore.

She doesn’t wish for a savior, not anymore.

She doesn’t pray anymore, as a prayer had already gone wrong. Why was it misunderstood by the heavens?

That’s scary and scary is the mirror and scary is the thought that she would probably not be saved by anyone.

She is living in the terror. Could she ever escape?

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“Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin?” by Johan von Amsterdam

Unlock the mystery of Bitcoin

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Do you want to know what the best and safest exchange to buy your Bitcoin is? Do you want to know where and how to store your new investment safely?

Then buy this audiobook today.

No, it’s not a trend. Yes, you need to get in the game.

In this informative, must-have guide, you will discover all you need to know about Bitcoin, including how to set up your wallet, the best apps for mobile devices, and how to buy your first bitcoins.

We’ll start from the beginning, learning about Bitcoin history and the numerous advantages Bitcoin investing has over government-controlled money. We will teach you how to protect your Bitcoin investments, introducing you to the blockchain technology and the smart contracts principle.

After listening to this audiobook, you will be able to:

  • Build your own web wallet
  • Know how to buy bitcoins
  • Acquire bitcoins for free
  • Decide where to keep your bitcoins
  • Develop strategies for protecting your bitcoin investments
  • Understand different investment strategies
  • Talk knowledgeably about bitcoins

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